Below Deck Med: Bugsy talks about replacing Hannah as the Bravo show’s next chief stew

Bugsy talks chief stew position
Bugsy on WWHL. Pic credit:@WWHH/Bravo

It seems our favorite Below Deck chief stews are dropping like flies.

First, Kate Chastain announced that she would leave the show for good; then, Hannah Ferrier shared a message that she would also be exiting the show.

So now that two of the shows OG’s are leaving the series, who will step up to claim their spaces?

One possible option is Christine ‘Bugsy’ Drake, who just joined the current season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Bugsy was not originally a part of the Season 5 cast.

However, when The Wellington lost a new crew member, Laura Flumiani, just a few episodes in, Bugsy was brought in to replace her.

So far, things have been going okay, but with tensions starting to rise between her and Hannah Ferrier, there may be trouble ahead.

Rumor has it that Hannah will make her exit before the end of the season and viewers are wondering if Bugsy is eyeing the chief stew position.

Bugsy talks about chief stew position on WWHL

The second stew made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to dish about the show.

During the interview, Andy read Bugsy a fan question that asked if she would be interested in being the next chief stew now that Hannah and Kate are not returning.

“I’m not sure actually, Andy, to be honest,” she said.

“You know, being a chief stew is what I’m used to so probably it did interest me but yeah, not sure.”

While we’ve only seen Bugsy as a second stew on the show, she’s actually been a chief stew on several other Yachts.

During the WWHL interview, she revealed that she’s currently serving in that capacity on a super Yacht in the Bahamas.

Since Busgy does have a lot of experience in this area, it’s not far fetched to think that she would be put in that position for the next season of Below Deck Med.

Bugsy and Hannah are complete opposites

Interestingly, it seems that her former chief stew status makes it hard for Bugsy when she’s put in the second stew position.

We saw her butt heads with Hannah Ferrier the last time they worked together, with Bugsy telling her chief stew that she wasn’t doing a very good job.

Now, the two women are working together again, but it’s clear that Bugsy thinks she could do a much better job.

The two are complete opposites- Hannah is more serious and stern, while Bugsy is very high energy and bubbly.

Despite their differences, the chief stew and second stew will have to work together to ensure that things on The Wellington run smoothly.

Do you think Bugsy can replace Hannah Ferrier or Kate Chastain as a memorable chief stew for the Bravo show?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

Heck no!!! Bugs is bat sheez crazy. Her table decorations which Sandy thinks are so pretty are like a “kids birthday party” Plastic bead, plastic everywhere, balloons, etc. Honestly!!! An elegant table Bugs is Fine Chine, Waterford Crystal, Vintage Linen, Real Flower Centerpiece (low and long so guest can converse), Real Silverware. That my dear Bug & Sandy is a nice table worthy of ‘SUPER-YACHT’ guest.
Simple is classy…….what Bugs is doing is gaudy like her jewelry. BTW nice comment Hannah about her jewelry. lolol

Janet Guthrie
Janet Guthrie
3 years ago

I can’t stand Bugsy the way she rushes around like she’s the only one working kills me! I’ve worked with people like her I’ve always thought they are a JOKE But someone like Sandy would be impressed..sandy should watch closer. Just cause she decorate a table dont make her the BEST