Below Deck Med alum Jamie Jason gets candid about eating disorder struggle after being on Bravo show

Jamie Jason talks eating disorder after appearing on Below Deck Mediterranean
Jamie admitted her time on Below Deck Med led to her eating disorder battle. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Jamie Jason got candid about struggling with an eating disorder after being on the hit Bravo show.

Jamie was a deckhand on Season 3 of Below Deck Med. She became close friends with Kasey Cohen and was known for drinking an excessive amount of chocolate milk.

It has been three years since Jamie was on the reality TV show. There is one thing that still sticks with Jamie today and will forever.

Jamie’s weight-gain on Below Deck Med

The former deckhand stress ate and drank way too many glasses of Nequik during her time on the Talisman Maiton. There was even a Nequik thief who took Jamie’s container of the chocolate milk during filming. Chef Adam Glick had her back and gave her a replacement, making it an entertaining storyline.

Jamie recently chatted with Anastasia Surmuva’s on her Spill the Rosé IGTV series. Anastasia appeared on Season 4 of the Bravo yachting series as a third stew and chef. The two ladies answered fan questions, which is what led Jamie to discuss her eating disorder.

The South African beauty admitted she gained around 15 pounds while filming Below Deck Mediterranean. Jamie’s weight-gain was evident throughout the season, especially to her. One fan noticed Jamie lost all the weight she gained on the show and asked how she did it.

Battling an eating disorder

Jamie was brutally honest with her answer. It was an ugly battle for the Bravo personality to shed the pounds.

“You see yourself on TV and it gets to you. What is everyone else thinking? You criticize yourself. You tear everything apart. I developed a terrible eating disorder,” she shared.

“I would analyze everything that I was eating. I would read every damn label. The back of the box, how much calories were in it, and how many grams of sugar was in it. And that is not a life to live.”


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She went on to explain that about 50% of her weight loss came from her eating disorder. The reality TV star was tired and hungry all the time, though. It was no way to live life.

Jamie began to realize her weight-loss journey was not on the right path. After some time, she managed to get on a more healthy path that included going to the gym and becoming a vegetarian.

It took Jamie time to become comfortable with food again. She expressed it is a struggle that Jamie wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Jamie Jason from Below Deck Med admits being on the Bravo show had a significant impact on her weight struggles, including her eating disorder.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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