Below Deck: Kate Chastain shares thoughts on new chief stew Heather Chase

Kate Chastain talks new Below Deck chief stew Heather Chase.
Kate has some pretty nice things to say about the new blonde filling her shoes. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain has shared her thoughts on new chief stew Heather Chase.

Kate, alongside Captain Lee Rosbach, was the staple on Below Deck for six seasons. When Kate decided to exit the show ahead of Season 8, viewers were curious who would step into the role.

Francesca Rubi stepped in as chief stew for Below Deck Season 8. Fans had a mixed reaction to Francesca, especially as the tension between her and Elizabeth Frankini heightened. Kate was team Elizabeth all the way and shaded Francesca several times during her run as a chief stew.

The Below Deck Season 9 first-look revealed Francesca was out, and Heather was the new chief stew for Captain Lee.

What does Kate Chastain think about Heather Chase as Below Deck chief stew?

It’s only been a week since the Season 9 trailer was released, spilling that Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove were back for another stint on the hit Bravo show. Captain Lee is missing for part of the season, with Captain Sean Meagher taking the helm of the luxury yacht.

Heather has been making headlines, too, thanks to her bond with some fan-favorite members of the Below Deck family. It turns out Kate has met Heather before and is singing her praises.

“I absolutely love her. I feel like she is the one that will take the franchise for years to come. She’s amazing. She’s friendly, she’s funny, and she’s sweet. And I’m looking forward to seeing her show them all how it’s done,” Kate shared in an Instagram Live interview with Hollywood Life.

The Bravo personality spilled that Heather introduced herself to Kate. Heather drove to Fort Lauderdale with gifts to meet her predecessor.

“She brought me the best cookie I have ever had in my life. She’s just a lovely great girl,” Kate expressed.

What advice does Kate have for Heather?

During her Hollywood Life interview, Kate admitted that she doesn’t really have any advice for Heather. Instead, Kate gushed over the new amazing chief stew.

‘Like I said, she’s very capable, intelligent, and funny. She gets it. Like I enjoy hanging out with her. I think the only advice I have for her is while it’s airing to not get too freaked out from week to week,” Kate dished.

Wow, such high praise from Kate Chastain. It’s not easy to please the Below Deck alum, but Heather Chase has managed to do just that even before Season 9 hits the airwaves.

Only time will tell if Below Deck fans think as highly of Heather as Kate does. However, Heather is certainly in a better position than Francesca was during Season 8 of the yachting show.

Below Deck Season 9 premieres on Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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