Below Deck: Heather Chase shares advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her amid Season 9 backlash

Heather Chase opens up about the best advice Captain Lee ever gave her.
Captain Lee made quite the impression on Heather on Below Deck Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Heather Chase has shared the best advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her as she navigates the fallout from Season 9.

The chief stew found herself thrust into choppy reality TV waters after saying the N-word on Below Deck, creating tension with Rayna Lindsey. Heather apologized on and off-screen, but the racial slur and its impact on Rayna was a hot-button story on the show.

At the Season 9 reunion show, Heather and Rayna hashed out the racial slur and how it was handled. Rayna, for her part, has declared Below Deck needs to be canceled.

Meanwhile, Heather has been reflecting on the season and all the backlash that came with it.

Below Deck’s Heather Chase shares advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her amid Season 9 backlash

In a recent interview with Melissa Pfeister on her Side Piece Podcast, Heather discussed her experience on Below Deck. The chief stew had a lot to say, including the advice Captain Lee gave her to help her navigate all the social media haters.

Captain Lee has been a sounding board for Heather these past few months and helps keep her grounded.

“He’s been a great lighthouse for how to navigate social media and the weight of what it is to be crucified by the world. He was like, ‘You have your head on your shoulders, kiddo. You got this. You are going to be fine,'” she spilled.

Heather has been in touch with Captain Lee a lot since filming ended and the Season 9 hit Bravo airwaves. The blonde beauty revealed that she had just had dinner with the captain and his lovely wife, Mary Anne.

There are many things Heather adores about the stud of the sea, but she’s eternally grateful for some advice he gave her as Season 9 played out on-screen.

“He was a fatherly figure. I’ve spoken with him numerous times since the show aired. I always call him when I’m on the brink of a breakdown. He’s like, ‘Take your fingers off Twitter and don’t be irrational.’ He’s very grounding,” Heather expressed.

Heather talks respect for Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove

Chef Rachel Hargrove was also given excellent advice from Captain Lee following her Season 8 drunkenness. As fans know, chef Rachel had a challenging debut to Below Deck, but she hit it out of the park on Season 9 of the hit show.

Heather weighed in on the chef, admitting the two became very close because they shared a cabin.

“I hold her so close. She’s great. There’s a mutual respect that we are here to do a job, and we are here to kick a**. There are no egos involved,” Heather shared.

The chief stew also revealed that she, Captain Lee, Rachel, and first-officer Eddie Lucas worked well together filming Below Deck. Despite Rachel and Eddie’s tension from Season 8, the department heads bonded.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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