Below Deck: Francesca Rubi spills the tea on Elizabeth Frankini and Ashling Lorger

Below Deck chief stew Francesca dishes the interior crew.
Francesca got real about her Below Deck Season 8 colleagues, and her thoughts are not surprising. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck chief stew Francesca Rubi has spilled the tea on Elizabeth Frankini and Ashling Lorger.

In an Instagram Q&A with fans, Francesca got real about the entire Below Deck experience. She admitted her favorite part of shooting the show was the fast pace because it allowed the crew to continuously have new charter guests.

Ironically one of her least favorite things about the Bravo was charter guest Charley Walters and his friends. The demanding guests kicked off Season 8 and have endured a lot of backlash for their over the top behavior.

Francesca was asked about Ashling and Elizabeth during the chat. She didn’t hold back speaking her truth about either one of her interior crew colleagues.

Trouble brewing with Elizabeth

The once-promising friendship between Elizabeth and Francesca has become an intense working relationship, which neither one of them likes very much.

It is safe to say that viewers can expect the dynamic to get worse between these two stews.

One fan bluntly asked how Francesca could remain calm when Elizabeth ignored her direction.

“This is a great question, especially after the most recent Below Deck episode,” she began. “So, my management style is to approach situations in a calm and respectful manner, initially. There’s also no time when on charter to train. So you kind of have to find a balance between training on the job and also instructing in a nice way. ”


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Francesca admitted it was frustrating when Elizabeth didn’t listen to her direction. Despite what Elizabeth has said about Francesca’s management style, the chief stew believes she was “communicating in a very nice and clear manner.”

Nothing but love for Ashling

Ashling was thrown into the deep end the second she boarded the superyacht. Viewers watched as she had a min breakdown due to lack of sleep. Since then, though, Ashling has been just the kind of stew that Francesca needed in her department.

One fan asked if the chief stew would work with Elizabeth or Ashling again. It was a no brainer for Francesca.

“I would pick lovely Ash because she just thinks on her feet,” Rubi said. “And I always know it’s going to be sorted, and I don’t need to micromanage. I don’t need to check up on her like you saw with the detox shots in the recent episode. Ash, she just does it. She’s just a stew. It’s great.”


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Francesca Rubi has shared her thoughts on Ashling Lorger and Elizabeth Frankini. There is definitely going to be more drama with the My Seanna interior crew.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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