Below Deck Down Under’s chef Tzarina talks crew romance: Does she hook up with Culver?

Culver Bradbury and chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph on BDU Season 2
Sparks are flying between Culver and chef Tzarina on Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under star Tzarina Mace-Ralph has spilled some season 2 tea involving her crew romance.

Deckhand Culver Bradbury caught the chef’s eye from the second he stepped on the Northern Sun.

They have exchanged some flirty banter, and Tzarina even sat on Culver’s lap while he FaceTimed his mom during the recent episode of Below Deck Down Under.

Sparks weren’t just flying with them on the yachting show, either.

Culver and Tzarina appeared on Watch What Happens Live together this week, and the chemistry was on fire.

Now the chef has hinted at a crew romance on Below Deck Down Under, with fans convinced she and Culver hook up.

Below Deck Down Under star chef Tzarina talks crew romance

Speaking with The Daily Star, Tzarina admitted that something about being on Below Deck Down Under brought out her horny side. Tzarina shared that she always lived by the motto, “Don’t screw the crew.”

However, that changed thanks to the super horny crew on Below Deck Down Under.

“To tell the truth, before Below Deck – you call it ‘don’t screw the crew’ – but with Below Deck, a demon got inside me,” she told the outlet. “There were some very attractive people on that boat, and I think I just wanted to be with all of them at one stage.”

Tzarina joked she didn’t discriminate either, as she was equally attracted to the guys and gals while filming the yachting show.

Below Deck Down Under viewers have watched Tzarina get googly-eyed over Captain Jason Chambers, and we don’t blame her at all. Captain Jason, though, certainly won’t be entertaining any kind of romance with Tzarina because it’s not his style.

But that doesn’t mean Culver didn’t shoot his shot with the chef. Tzarina didn’t share any details. Instead, she simply encouraged Below Deck Down Under fans to keep watching.

As mentioned above, Culver and Tzarina had definite chemistry on Watch What Happens Live this week. The chef even gave him a present that was weird and awkward at best but clearly had a meaning for the two of them.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 boatmance drama

There’s plenty for fans to focus on when it comes to Below Deck Down Under crew love drama.

Bosun Luke Jones hooked up with Laura Bileskalne, even though he has the hots for Margot Sisson. Monsters and Critics previously reported that’s just one of many reasons Below Deck Down Under fans have put Laura on blast.

Meanwhile, Harry Van Vliet also has his eye on Margot, but despite a crew night out kiss Margot still seems to be all about Luke. Deckhand Adam Kodra seemed to be oblivious that Laura liked him even though she hooked up with the bosun.

If Culver and chef Tzarina hook, they will definitely be the least drama-filled duo on the boat.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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