Below Deck Down Under: Aesha Scott reveals biggest difference between Captain Sandy and Captain Jason Chambers

Below Deck Dow Under star Aesha Scott dishes Captain Jason Chambers and Captain Sandy Yawn.
Aesha opens up about returning to the Below Deck franchise and the two captains she worked with. Pic credit: Bravo and Peacock

Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott has opened up about working with Captain Sandy Yawn and Captain Jason Chambers. Aesha has even revealed the biggest difference between the two captains.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the newest Below Deck spin-off, Below Deck Down Under. In the role of chief stew, Aesha has earned a lot of praise from her Below Deck colleagues.

Meanwhile, hunky Captain Jason has caused a frenzy in the Below Deck franchise over his good looks. One trailer for Below Deck Down Under even dubbed him “captain cutie.” The other day Captain Jason dished his new title as he prepares for his reality TV debut.

What did Aesha Scott say was the biggest difference between Captain Sandy and Captain Jason?

Aesha joins a unique club of Below Deck alums who have worked with two captains in the franchise. Chef Ben Robinson and chef Adam Glick are the only two other crew members to have worked on more than one Below Deck show.

The New Zealand native opened up to E! News about working with Captain Jason was different from working with Captain Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean.

“Jason, he hates the hierarchy, and he’s not about that,” she dished to the website. “He’s like, ‘We’re a team, we’re all doing one thing.’ And so for him, he’s the first captain I’ve ever worked with where he wants to be anywhere but the wheelhouse, and he doesn’t care what level it is. He would help me take out the rubbish or wash your plates, he’ll put up decorations for me. He just does whatever he can to help you out, and it’s amazing.”

As Below Deck Med fans have seen many times, Captain Sandy’s all about the hierarchy. Aesha also shared Captain Sandy’s much more of a traditional captain because of her philosophy about the hierarchy on the yacht.

Aesha reveals what makes Below Deck Down Under different from Below Deck Med

There’s no question the location makes Below Deck Down Under different from the other three Below Deck shows. The tropical Whitsunday Islands in Australia offer more danger, wildlife, underwater exorcisms, and more breathing new life into the yachting franchise.

Besides the location, Aesha shared that Captain Jason made her experience on Below Deck Down Under completely different from her stints on Below Deck Med.

“He’s not like any other captain I’ve ever worked with. He’s so hands-on and part of the team, and he’s just like a big brother and I think he just brought a completely different vibe to the season,” Aesha spilled.

The brunette beauty can’t wait for Below Deck Mediterranean fans to see her on the new series. Aesha Scott faces new challenges as chief stew on Below Deck Down Under but promises she remains authentic throughout the season.

Besides dishing about the two captains, Aesha recently went topless to promote beach days ahead of her reality TV return.

Below Deck Down Under premieres on Thursday, March 17 on Peacock.

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2 years ago

too bad below deck isn’t offering this on regular tv. won’t be watching if i have to use peacock.