Below Deck: Chef Ben Robinson talks working with Captain Lee and Captain Sandy, reveal whose style he prefers

Chef Ben from Below Deck dishes Captain Sandy and Captain, reveals his favorite.
Ben is the only crew member to have worked with Captain Sandy and Captain Lee in the Below Deck franchise. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum chef Ben Robinson talks about working with both Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn. Ben has even revealed who’s working style he prefers.

The talented chef helped launch both Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean. Ben appeared on the first two seasons of Below Deck and returned during Season 3 after chef Leon Walker was fired. Later Ben moved over to Below Deck Med, appearing on Season 1 and saving the day during Season 4 when Captain Sandy needed a chef.

These days Ben remains focused on his culinary career. However, he still stays connected to the Below Deck family via the commentary show Galley Talk.

Below Deck’s chef Ben Robinson talks about working with Captain Lee and Captain Sandy

Since Ben remains the only crew member to have worked with Captain Sandy and Captain Lee, he’s often asked about their difference. Ben stopped by Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast recently and dished the two captains.

“Honestly, Lee and I had a great relationship. I think we had a great relationship for Season 1,” Ben shared. “But I think our relationship kind of started dwindling a bit as the seasons, and that franchise expanded. I think that probably happens with a lot of reality casts. It’s kind of like being in a band, you know? Like when you start hitting it big, and the guitarist starts arguing with the lead singer. And different contracts. It’s like Slash and Axl Rose.”

The chef believes that his crossover to Below Deck Mediterranean hurt his relationship with Captain Lee. Ben thinks that the captain and chief stew Kate Chastain felt a little “jilted” when he joined the Below Deck spin-off.

Although Ben worked with the late Captain Mark Howard, it’s Captain Sandy he gets asked about even though he only worked with her short time. Ben did express that Captain Mark was “a lovely guy.”

When pressed about Captain Sandy and Captain Lee, Ben reiterated they are so different. The chef also joked comparing the two captains was like comparing children if he had any.

“Lee has a much more old school, old-fashioned kind of approach to being a captain. Which is fine, and I’m actually used to that,” he shared. “Sandy’s very hands-on. I think Sandy’s genuinely concerned about how green her crew is and takes responsibility for it. Whereas Captain Lee’s approach is probably a little smarter. He’s like, this is on you guys. Whereas Sandy is kinda like, ‘s**t this is kinda like about me as well!’ Different methods.”

Who does Ben prefer to work with Captain Sandy or Captain Lee?

Ben made it clear he doesn’t have a favorite captain. However, from a work standpoint, Ben prefers Captain Sandy. No, the chef isn’t throwing shade at Captain Lee either, he adores the stud of the sea.

The one captain Ben has yet to work with is Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Ben’s a big fan of Captain Glenn and would love to work with him but not for a whole season.

Below Deck fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. Ben Robinson will return to the show. The chef has moved on from reality television and doesn’t see it fitting into his current lifestyle.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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