Below Deck: Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in on James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini hooking up

Below Deck's Captain Lee dishes Elizabeth Frankini and James Hough romance
Captain Lee was not happy with Elizabeth or James’s inconsiderate actions on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Captain Lee Robaach has weighed in on James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini hooking up all over the My Seanna.

Fans watched as Elizabeth and James gave in to their physical attraction in his cabin. James and Elizabeth did their best to hide their sexual encounter from the camera, but it did not work.

Izzy Wouters walked in on them and spilled all in a confessional. Plus, the cameras caught movement under the blanket, making it easy for viewers to see what was happening.

Then after their date night, James and Elizabeth decided to use a guest cabin for their next hook up. The microphones caught Elizabeth enjoying the moment, much to viewers’ dismay.

Captain Lee used his blog to sound off on both incidents. No, he was not happy with either one of them.

Lack of consideration

Elizabeth has been on Captain Lee’s radar for weeks, thanks to Francesca Rubi complaining about her. Now it’s not just Elizabeth’s work ethic that has come into question for the captain.

“Very inconsiderate of you, I felt. Wouldn’t it have been much better to perhaps ask Izzy if she would mind bunking with Ashling so you and James could have some private time,” the captain wrote.

James and his lack of consideration also came into play for Captain Lee. The deckhand does decent work, but his manners towards the crew are now in question.

“You get pissed at Izzy because she doesn’t want you shagging someone in her room while she is in there and sick as well. ‘Oh, it was only 5 min sleep’ you say. Where are your manners, my good man?” Captain Lee asked in his blog.

Using a guest cabin is a no-no

Captain Lee took issue with James and Elizabeth disrespecting Izzy by hooking up in the cabin while she was on drunk Delores watch.

Elizabeth and James using a guest cabin without permission crossed a line with Captain Lee. Their idea of doing whatever they want doesn’t fly with the captain. There are rules to follow, one of which is not to use a guest cabin without permission.

The captain made it clear in his blog that James and Elizabeth will face the consequences of their actions. One Twitter user blasted Captain Lee for scolding the two crewmembers, asking where they were supposed to hook up on the yacht.

“Is that a real question? they are working, they share rooms if it happens to be with each other, no problem, but when you infringe on your crewmates time and rest period to satisfy your own physical needs, over the line. Sorry,” Captain Lee replied.

One would think Below Deck crewmembers would know by now not to make Captain Lee Rosbach mad. Elizabeth Frankini and James Hough apparently did not get that memo before joining the Bravo show.

The captain has expressed his unhappiness with both the deckhand and third stew.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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