Bachelorette star Dustin Kendrick breaks down in tears speaking about racism

Dustin Kendrick
Dustin Kendrick breaks down over racism in the US. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Dustin Kendrick is breaking his silence about everything that is going on in the country after a white police officer in Minneapolis killed George Floyd.

Dustin has used his platform for charity before. This time, he’s using his platform to share what it is like to be a man of color in the U.S.

In a video he shared on Instagram Live, Dustin breaks down, talking about what he has experienced. He reveals racism is not only very real but also very terrifying.

Dustin Kendrick breaks down in an emotional video about racism

Dustin says that it is crazy that we are still dealing with racism in 2020. He shares that he’s half black and half white, but that he has experienced his fair share of racism.

In the heartbreaking video, Kendrick reveals people treat him differently, and he has seen racism first-hand growing up in Illinois.

He reflects on how his coach from childhood taught him not to go out by himself and always walk in pairs when he was younger.

Dustin also has a stern message for people who don’t think this is real. He explains that this is very real, and people continue to suffer from racist attacks daily.

But Kendrick also gives a shout out to everyone who is posting in support of Black Lives Matter, sharing that he’s very thankful for the support and that it means a lot.

Dustin has received tremendous support from fellow Bachelor stars, who all changed their Instagram posts to black yesterday in solidarity with the protesters around the country in a campaign called #BlackoutTuesday.

Dustin Kendrick is best friends with Bachelor star Peter Weber

Dustin, who is best friends with Peter Weber from The Bachelor, hasn’t used his social platforms to speak out about racism during the pandemic.

When he was in quarantine with Peter and Kelley Flanagan, they would spend their time joking around on TikTok and making dinners together.

He previously joked about sharing the dirt about Peter and Kelley as rumors started swirling that they were now dating after their time together on The Bachelor.

Dustin admitted that he really wanted Kelley and Peter to date, but added that the timing wasn’t right. The couple has since confirmed that they are indeed dating.

Dustin appeared to return to his own home in Chicago after Peter and Kelley traveled to California last month.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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