Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson speaks out after arrest, hospitalization

Chad Johnson on The Bachelorette
Chad Johnson is giving his fans an update after a wild week. Pic credit: ABC

If you’re looking for someone who’s week may have been worse than yours, look no further than The Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson. It all started when his girlfriend broke up with him and things have quickly gone downhill from there.

Now, the Bachelor Nation star is speaking out about what all has happened since his now ex-girlfriend Annalise Mishler made claims against Johnson that led to his arrest and subsequent downward spiral.

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise heartthrob had fans really worried after making a few comments on social media that really sounded like he might be suicidal. That led to a police well check and a trip to get checked out at the hospital.

Chad Johnson updates fans after hospitalization

Chad is back out now though and he’s already reached out to fans to let everyone know that he’s going to be alright. He posted the message in his Instagram stories on Saturday night. And while it’s pretty clear that Chad Johnson has a rough road ahead of him, it looks like he’s found some perspective and may not be a danger to himself any longer.

The message to fans comes via Chad Johnson’s Instagram stories and looks to be a photo of his living room with a message below that reads, “I’m okay. Things are fine. I love you. You’ll be great. Life is going to be okay. Forgive yourself. Let go.”

Chad Johnson's Instagram story
Chad Johnson updates Bachelor Nation after returning from the hospital. Pic credit: @realchadjohnson/Instagram

How did Chad Johnson get to this point?

A week ago, Annalise took to Instagram with photos of damage to her home and claims that Chad Johnson got drunk and essentially flipped out, leaving a hole in her wall and then later, trying to break back in.

He’s since been arrested and charged with domestic violence and robbery. In the days since the incident, Mishler was even awarded a restraining order to keep Johnson away from her.

Since then, Chad has continued to shock Bachelor Nation fans with social media posts where he called out Annalise for “ruining” his life, claimed the breakup was premeditated, and even shared a picture of a green rope with the message, “It’ll be okay.”

This led the police to check on Chad Johnson. It has since been determined by the police that there was no “imminent threat” and Johnson has asked his fans to stop calling the authorities on him.

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