Bachelor Nation slams Bekah Martinez over details about her ‘highly disturbing’ mental illness

Bekah Martinez
Bachelor Nation star Bekah Martinez is facing backlash after opening up about her controversial mental illness diagnosis. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

The Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez is under fire after she shared a concerning mental illness diagnosis.

Bachelor fans and bloggers are now questioning Bekah and her parenting after she spoke about a mental illness that involves her children.

She revealed on her podcast Chatty Broads that she suffers from a condition called pedophile OCD.

Bekah vocalized that pedophile OCD is not the same as pedophilia and discussed how she coped with it on the podcast.

Bachelor Nation finds Bekah’s description of her condition troubling

There are certain aspects of the podcast episode, titled Mom Sex (for everyone!), that listeners found especially concerning.

Bekah discussed how she was intimate with her boyfriend while her infant daughter was present. Bekah explained that during intercourse, her daughter “was literally nursing on my boob.”

She shared that “it ended up being a great experience” because she was able to ensure her daughter was protected in her arms.

She also expressed that she thought about her daughter “literally while I was masturbating.”

She explained that she had to remind herself that she has the right to pleasure and wants her daughter to have that same experience.

“I told myself, ‘I want my daughter to be able to experience pleasure,'” she said to her co-host of the experience.

Following the podcast, Bekah Martinez posted a description of pedophile OCD from a psychology site.

The site described the condition as “a theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in which the person’s obsessions are unwanted intrusive thoughts, images, or urges about pedophilia that trigger immense anxiety and fear.”

Bekah added that this discovery of “what OCD really is…lowkey changed my life.”

She added, “I have been plagued with these types of terrifying intrusive thoughts before.”

Fan account Bachelornation.Scoop posted their reaction to Bekah’s podcast confession on their Instagram story.

“This is highly disturbing!” The fan account exclaimed while sharing Bekah’s story. “Especially after she admitted to having sex while breastfeeding and letting her toddler teeth on her vibrator.”

Bachelornation.Scoop slams Bekah Martinez
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

The fan account shared several users’ responses, some agreeing with the account and others defending Bekah.

One user thanked the fan account for “standing up for children” and that those siding with Bekah are “trying to normalize pedophilia.”

Bachelor fans weigh in on Bekah's condition
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Another user, as a “child protection worker,” stated that it is “HEAVILY concerning” to see people defend Bekah.

Bachelor fans weigh in on Bekah's condition
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

However, a critic countered that it’s upsetting to see Bekah the account “shaming Bekah” for not “understand[ing] OCD.”

Bachelor fans weigh in on Bekah's condition
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Bekah claps back

Bekah has gotten word of the backlash for discussing pedophile OCD.

“I get VERY SPECIFIC intrusive thoughts about my children being harmed,” she said of her experience with pedophile OCD and shared that she has been working on it with a therapist.

Bekah Martinez responds to the backlash
Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

What a terrible article. POCD is a super common OCD theme. There is zero correlation between actual pedophilia and intrusive thoughts about pedophilia like as in OCD. Bekah was very brave to share this, knowing the kind of stigma out there for OCD sufferers.