Bachelor Nation shocked at who Zach was intimate with during Fantasy Suite Week

Zach Shallcross
Zach didn’t quite stick to his word during Fantasy Suite Week. Pic credit: ABC

Zach Shallcross got himself into quite a sticky situation in Thailand during the highly anticipated Fantasy Suite episode.

Previews for the Monday, March 20 airing hinted that Zach would most likely be intimate with Ariel during their overnight date, specifically since the clips showed contestants Gabi and Kaity visibly upset.

Fantasy Suite dates allow for the couples to get to know each other on a completely different level, specifically since there are no cameras around for an entire night.

However, Zach made a strong “no sex” vow to host Jesse Palmer before heading into the week, choosing to save himself for his future fiancee.

While Zach’s first date of the week was with Ariel, where the two abstained from intimacy in the Fantasy Suite, things took a turn when he and Gabi Elnicki entered into their overnight.

And let’s just say, what happens in Thailand, doesn’t always stay in Thailand.

The Bachelor fans were surprised by Zach Shallcross’ actions

Although many fans assumed Ariel would be the one Zach would change the rules with, especially because of her alluring demeanor, it was Gabi who completely switched things up.

When Zach told her about his “no sex” rule, it was clear that Gabi wasn’t quite on board and basically told him they could play the night “by ear.”

Fans couldn’t help but show how shocked they were that Zach and Gabi were the ones who were intimate.

One Twitter user shared a poll that had been taken before the episode aired, showing Gabi receiving a 0% for who the masses felt Zach would sleep with.

Ariel, however, swept the poll with 53%.

“Not gonna lie, I did NOT see that coming,” one viewer commented back.

Reply to the poll's Twitter
Pic credit: @BachelorTalk/Twitter

Others chimed in to show how surprised they were, with one fan tweeting, “Bachelor Nation realizing it was Gabi after thinking it was Ariel or Kaity all week.”

It was a shocking revelation for fans, to say the least, and Zach knew what he had to do in order to remain honest to himself — despite going against his word in the first place.

Zach tells frontrunner Kaity Biggar about his date with Gabi Elnicki

Zach may not have felt guilty about his actions, but he knew he had to come clean to Kaity as he headed into his date with her the following day.

The news definitely put a damper on the day portion of their date, however, Kaity was able to understand Zach’s decision and focus on their relationship instead.

As the two headed into the Fantasy Suite, it was never addressed whether or not they were intimate during the night, however, Kaity did tell Gabi during the rose ceremony that Gabi was “the only one.”

Kaity was the first to receive a rose from Zach, with Gabi following behind. Zach said goodbye to Ariel, leaving just Kaity and Gabi as his final two women.

With the finale airing next week, both leading ladies will meet Zach’s family as he decides who he will potentially be proposing to.

While Kaity seemed excited as ever, Gabi kept reiterating the fact that she felt like she had a scarlet “A” on her chest after what happened in the Fantasy Suite, leaving her wildly uncomfortable about the entire situation.

Fans can tune in next week to see how it all plays out on Zach’s season finale.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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