Bachelor Nation delivered when it comes to cat jokes — Here are the best Connor B memes

Connor Brennan a.k.a. "cat man" on The Bachelorette
Connor Brennan a.k.a. “cat man” made quite the impression on Bachelor Nation Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette kicked off last night and the first impressions did not disappoint.

There was no shortage of sexual puns, a fake accent, a blow up doll, and even a guy in a box.

Nothing, however, seemed to compare to Connor Brennan, who showed up in a black cat costume complete with whiskers and a nose painted on his face.

While some may have thought his costume was crazy, Katie loved it and admitted she couldn’t stop thinking about him after they first met.

She appreciated his personality, and as a cat owner, she was won over pretty quickly with his dress-up idea.

Katie was not the only one who Connor made an impression on.

Bachelor Nation had a field day with Connor’s costume choice and took to Twitter to share several funny memes to poke fun at the situation.

Bachelor Nation did not disappoint when it comes to cat jokes

Fans were extremely witty with their social media posts and had several funny cat jokes to share.

One fan poked fun at the fact that most people would think the cat costume was strange, but Katie loved it and was intrigued by Connor. They also referred to him as “the furry.”

Another fan made a joke about Katie’s cat Tommy who she had to leave at home while filming. They said if Tommy were at home watching, he would clearly feel betrayed by Katie’s affection toward another cat.

One fan even made a joke about how another contestant, Christian, reacted to the cat man. He questioned why someone would show up in a costume like that and this fan joked that he must have been hurt by a cat in the past to feel the way he did.

While Katie clearly seemed to hit it off with Connor and his cat costume, it did not land him the first impression rose. Her first impression rose went to Greg Grippo.

Fans couldn’t help put post funny images of how Connor the cat must have felt when he didn’t receive the rose.

While Connor may not have received a first impression rose, it’s clear he made quite the impression on Bachelor Nation.

Who is Connor Brennan?

In his cast bio, Connor is described as a “quirky and charming eighth grade math teacher.”

It also states that he “owns his nerdy side” and isn’t afraid to “poke fun at himself.”

Connor certainly proved that to be true with his grand entrance and the fact that he didn’t seem phased by what the other men thought of his cat costume.

He was one of the first men to kiss Katie on the first night, and it seems like they could really have a connection moving forward.

Connor certainly made his mark on Katie and Bachelor Nation. Fans should tune in to upcoming episodes to see how far their connection will go as The Bachelorette continues.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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