Bachelor in Paradise: Wells Adams tells why this season will be the ‘sexiest yet’

Wells Adams
Wells Adams reveals details about Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @wellsadams/Instagram

As this season of The Bachelorette winds down, the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise show is gearing up to air in just three weeks.

Fans have been following the details for this show since they released some of the cast members for filming down in Mexico but most recently announced a mostly full contestant list.

Even though more men and women will trickle in and show up as the show progresses, there will be some constants. Two of these include the host, Jesse Palmer, and the bartender, Wells Adams.

In fact, Wells has gone on record lately to say that not only will less footage be cut from Season 8 of the show, but that it will be the sexiest season yet of BIP.

Wells has spoken on the new twist that was borrowed from another reality show, Love Island, and that the franchise wanted to do some different things this season down in Mexico.

While Wells gave more insight and information into the upcoming aired show, viewers are more excited than ever to see what all happens in the coming weeks.

Wells Adams reveals that Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 will be like none other

During a recent interview with ET, Wells declared, “There’s amazing, sexy people in scantily clad bathing suits. There’s a lot of tequila in bad margaritas that I make. There’s crabs crawling over everything.”

Wells went on to say, “There’s Boom Boom Room, there’s Fantasy Suites, and then, of course, the most important thing, there’s really beautiful, meaningful love stories that come out the end.”

He followed that by stating, “Everyone’s in the best shape they’ve ever been in, they are ready for the beach, and this season is the sexiest season that we’ve ever had. I think everyone’s gonna be excited about that.”

A lot goes down on this season of Bachelor in Paradise

Along with Jesse Palmer and Wells, contestants also spoke with ET and let them in on some details that viewers can be sure to see once the show airs.

Andrew Spencer claims viewers shouldn’t settle in for long when talking about how dramatic the upcoming season will be. By that, he means that once people get used to something, or a couple together, things could suddenly switch.

He also talked about how love doesn’t occur for everyone there, which then turns to drama, controversy, tears, and many heartbroken cast members.

Andrew then discussed how he doesn’t even understand how they’ll get everything into the season because so much happened while the contestants filmed in Mexico.

Other contestants weigh in on the upcoming season

Serene Russell, a former fan favorite from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, also revealed to ET when speaking about BIP, “It was an emotional rollercoaster.”

Other cast members, such as Victoria Fuller and Genevieve Parisi, revealed that it’s going to be crazy to watch the season air and see what they put together. Genevieve even mentioned that they knew if Jesse walked in to get ready.

Jacob Rapini from this past season of The Bachelorette is teased as arriving on the beach “completely” naked and connects with the season villain from Clayton’s season, Shanae Ankney.

A lot happened on BIP this season, and viewers will now be able to see more footage than ever.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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