Bachelor in Paradise viewers angry at production over Kendall Long’s return during Joe’s proposal

Joe Amabile confronted by Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paradise
Joe Amabile was confronted by Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paradise again. Pic credit: ABC

Last night was the Bachelor in Paradise finale and it was definitely one for the record books. And while there were three proposals, it was Kendall Long’s return to the beach to confront Joe Amabile that has BIP viewers talking… and they are not happy.

From the start of the season, Joe has faithfully been pursuing Serena Pitt and it’s safe to say that they are one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite couples right now.

So when Kendall made her way to Joe to confront him again as he was getting ready to get down on one knee, viewers were definitely feeling some kind of way about it.

Kendall Long is not the vilain

It turns out that Kendall Long didn’t return to try and stop Joe’s proposal to Serena as many on the beach and watching at home initially believed. Instead, she came down to let Joe know that she supports his relationship with Serena and had no hard feelings… not that he likely cared at that point.

Joe was visibly shaken and Serena scored extra points from viewers when her reaction after Joe telling her that Kendall showed up was to ask if he was okay.

And it turns out that Bachelor Nation doesn’t hate Kendall or think she was trying to sabotage this blossoming relationship either. Many are placing the blame squarely on Bachelor in Paradise producers.

It is widely believed that production forced Kendall to return in order to amp up the drama and while it did just that, it certainly amped up plenty of anger toward production as well.

One BIP viewer even tweeted, “The producers forcing Kendall to go on the beach and talk to Joe before he proposed to Serena,” with a photo of a man with several guns pointed at his head.

Another wrote, “it was not good tv. the producers really did Kendall dirty sending her in when he was in a relationship and then did joe dirty sending her in at the final rose. boooooooooooo. it wasn’t even unpredictable drama.”

Yet another Bachelor in Paradise viewer agreed, writing, “This is Joe & Serena’s time. I don’t understand why the producers had to bring Kendall out on the last day.”

Some BIP viewers are ready for Kendall Long to go

Even though it was pretty obvious that Kendall didn’t want to confront Joe on the beach again, plenty of Bachelor in Paradise viewers made it clear that Kendall wore out her welcome.

One even said, “Ahhhhh yeah, this whole Kendall thing, like waste of time, that could have been an email!”

While another questioned why Kendall came back again and shared that they are “over this.” And yet another viewer was concerned for Kendall and wrote, “I hope Kendall is doing okay.”

Watching Joe and Serena fall in love definitely wasn’t easy on Kendall and being pushed to keep confronting him certainly wasn’t popular with viewers either.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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