Kendall Long tries not to cry before the Bachelor in Paradise finale

Kendall Long by the ocean
Kendall Long suggests she’s in for an emotional ride on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 has teased a surprising twist for the finale, in that Kendall Long is set to return and potentially intervene in Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt’s relationship once again. 

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt have had one of the strongest and most drama-free relationships on the beach, apart from Joe’s ex, Kendall Long, showing up and attempting to reconnect with Joe. So Kendall’s return could be the one thing that shakes up Joe and Serena’s relationship in the final stretch. 

Kendall’s experience on Bachelor in Paradise has been an emotional one and, from Kendall’s latest TikTok video, it looks like the finale might be even more emotional for her. 

Kendall recently shared a video leading up to the Bachelor in Paradise finale trying to remind herself not to cry when the finale events unfold. 

Kendall Long suggests she’s keeping herself busy to keep from crying 

With her curious return in the finale, Kendall has humorously shared the series of ways in which she is gearing up for the episode and trying to hold back tears. 

In Kendall’s TikTok video, Kendall puts a thumbs up and forces a smile while audio repeatedly talks about not crying. Kendall slowly unravels in the video as she plays ukulele backward, reads a book upside down, plays with her dog, pours wine, and plops in bed among other activities. 

Most notably, Kendall snaps a rose in half which might suggest that whatever happens in the Bachelor in Paradise finale doesn’t end well for Kendall and leaves her upset. 

Kendall captioned the video, “I swear I’m fine today.” Along with hashtags that repeat ‘don’t cry” and “everything is fine”. 

Kendall may make one last attempt to get Joe back during the finale 

When Kendall first competed on Bachelor in Paradise she managed to find love with Joe Amabile and the two remained in a relationship for a couple of years. 

However, Kendall and Joe ended up splitting when they couldn’t get on the same page about where to live. Joe wanted to move to Chicago and Kendall was adamant about staying in California. 

Considering their split was more about logistics than emotions, it seems Kendall wasn’t completely over Joe after the breakup and even returned to this season of Bachelor in Paradise to reveal she still had feelings for Joe. 

Joe, on the other hand, had seemingly moved on from Kendall and caught genuine feelings for Serena Pitt, deciding to focus on his relationship with Serena and leaving Kendall to tearfully exit the island. 

It seems Kendall still wasn’t ready to fully close the door on her relationship with Joe because she will be back on the island to talk with Joe one more time and potentially try and get him back. 

After such an emotional roller coaster in paradise, it remains to be seen how Kendall will approach her upcoming conversation with Joe, but their reunion will likely be a tearjerker for Kendall to relive when the finale airs. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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