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Bachelor in Paradise: Unsafe conditions force contestants to leave the beach in dramatic promo

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast
A Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek reveals that the contestants aren’t safe on the island must evacuate. Pic credit: ABC

Katies Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is wrapping up, which means Bachelor in Paradise is just around the corner.

The summer spinoff series brings past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants together on a tropical island to date each other and have a second chance at love.

The franchise dropped a sneak peek of Bachelor in Paradise, and based on the previews, viewers are in for a wild and dramatic season.

Bachelor in Paradise captioned its trailer, “You thought #BachelorInParadise was going to return without drama? Beach, please. See you in [two] weeks!”

However, in addition to wild times, there will also be wildly unsafe conditions that force production to do something it has never done before while filming.

“This has never happened before,” a producer says in the trailer. “It’s no longer safe for you guys to stay in Paradise.”

Then it cuts to show contestants frantically piling into vans with their luggage in hand in order to evacuate the premises.

The contestants are clearly afraid during this unfamiliar emergency exit.

“I wanna go home!” one female contestant declares.

Another male contestant asks, “What the hell is going on?”

What caused Bachelor in Paradise contestants to evacuate and did it affect filming?

It is likely that severe weather conditions hit as Bachelor in Paradise was filming, forcing them to leave.

It’s unclear how long they had to leave Paradise or if it caused a wrench in the filming schedule.

However, it likely didn’t have a huge impact on filming or cause it to stop entirely– otherwise, we would’ve heard about it sooner.

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Additionally, it seems that all the contestants made it off the island safely and no one was harmed.

What else to exepct for Bachelor in Paradise

In addition to alarming safety conditions, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 trailer teased wild times and intimate moments between the contestants.

The trailer showed some steamy kisses between same-sex contestants

“Girls are kissing girls, guys are kissing guys,” a male’s voice is heard saying.

This group is clearly not afraid to get down and dirty but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for meaningful connections.

“You could actually fall in love,” Joe Amabile says during the trailer.

Victoria Larson then says, “You’re so hot.”

Ivan Hall says, “Both our hearts just skipped a beat, I think,” as another scene shows him engaged in a kiss.

Demi Burnett then locks lips with a male contestant.

She declares, “Everybody loves some Demi in their life.”

Viewers will soon be able to see which contestants pair up with each other or they can check out some spoilers previously reported by Monsters and Critics.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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