Bachelor in Paradise star Astrid Loch opens up about IVF journey, why she decided to share

Astrid Loch films for Bachelor in Paradise.
Astrid Loch reveals that she didn’t want to paint an untrue picture about her pregnancy that glossed over the struggles. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise star Astrid Loch explains why she thought it was important to share her IVF story with the world.

Astrid revealed she has conceived her baby through IVF when she announced that she was pregnant.

She explained on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that she intentionally opened up about her infertility issues and explained why she did it in junction with her pregnancy announcement.

“I just didn’t wanna come out and say, ‘We’re pregnant,’ without sharing what went into it,” she explained.

She added that she felt it was her role as an influencer to be upfront about her pregnancy rather hide behind the perfect façade people can create on social media.

“You see people on social media and they just have these perfect little lives. Perfect little kids. Like just the cutest. But I didn’t realize that it took her those struggles to get there and it made me think, ‘Okay, like when we get there I want people to know from the beginning that we got pregnant through IVF,'” she shared.

Astrid and Kevin are keeping other details on the DL

While Astrid is open about her infertility issues, there are other details involving her pregnancy that Astrid and her fiance Kevin Wendt want to keep to themselves.

For instance, Kevin and Astrid both agreed that they wanted to keep the gender of their baby a secret. Even they won’t know the gender of their baby until he or she is born. At first, Astrid wasn’t on board with the idea, but after the rigidness of IVF, she agreed that it is important to keep some element of surprise involved.

As for their baby’s name, the public won’t find that out until after the baby is born. Kevin wants to keep their name choices a secret to everyone, including their families.

Astrid’s pregnancy announcement

Astrid took to Instagram on May 9 to reveal the big news.

In the picture, she poses with Kevin and holds up pictures of her sonogram.

She expressed that finding out she was pregnant was “a dream come true.”

She also shared that she and Kevin were always on the same page about having kids and that she can’t wait to see him become a father.

Then she addressed her and Kevin’s infertility issues. She left encouraging words for those who are also struggling with the same issues.

“To all the couples trying to get pregnant, my heart is with you,” she added. “We know first hand how hard it can be to see these kinds of posts and feel sad & discouraged. We too struggled with fertility and conceiving naturally – it’s the toughest thing we’ve ever been through and I can’t wait to share more of how we got here. But today is finally about some good news & we hope you can enjoy it with us.”

She concluded the post with hashtags about IVF, indicating that it’s how she conceived the baby and infertility awareness.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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