Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Joe Amabile busted liking tweets about ex Kendall Long

Joe and Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise star Grocery Store Joe may have given away where he stands with Kendall Long after liking a recent tweet. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise star Joe Amabile, aka Grocery Store Joe, may have slipped up by liking a tweet about Kendall Long.

Joe is currently in a tough situation on Bachelor in Paradise. Just as he was building a connection with Serena Pitt, his ex-girlfriend Kendall Long, who he met on Bachelor in Paradise, showed up and admitted she still has feelings for him.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers are wondering if Joe will be swayed by Kendall’s presence during his time in Mexico and it seems that Joe may have given away that answer.

Joe gives away where he stands with Kendall

According to a log of likes captured by fan account @bachelorettewindmill, Joe liked a particularly harsh tweet slamming Kendall.

The tweet read, “That ‘hey butthead’ line made me wanna cut my eyeballs and ears off”

The tweet is in reference to Kendall’s Bachelor in Paradise entrance.

When Kendall showed up on the island, she made a beeline toward the day bed Joe and Serena were on.

As she approached him, she said, “Hey, butthead.” It’s safe to say that was a nickname or term of endearment they used while they were dating.

However, since they were very much not dating, and it was said in front of the woman Joe was dating at the time, many, including Joe, felt it was cringy.

Joe's Twitter likes
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

Are Joe and Serena still together?

Spoilers ahead!

Prior to Kendall’s arrival, Joe and Serena were one of the strongest couples on Bachelor in Paradise.

However, Kendall’s talk with Joe did stir some drama up and affect Joe.

Even though Joe has made it clear he has no interest in getting back with Kendall, it still could have caused him to lose confidence in what he has with Serena.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like that’ll happen.

Reality Steve posted a picture of Joe and Serena together after filming for Bachelor in Paradise wrapped.

He tweeted, “(BIP SPOILER CONFIRMATION): Grocery Joe & Serena Pitt today at a rooftop pool in Chicago…”

In the picture, the two were cuddled up and it’s apparent they’re still romantically involved.

It appears that, similarly to his time with Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, Joe will propose to Serena during Bachelor in Paradise and the two will leave engaged.

Meanwhile, Kendall will leave the island sometime before that.

She will explore a connection with Ivan but it seems that Joe and Serena’s connection will be too difficult for her to watch.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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