Bachelor in Paradise spoilers: Here’s everything we know about Brendan Morais and Pieper James

Brendan Morais films for Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise star Brendan Morais is rumored to be with Pieper James even though she hasn’t appeared on the show yet. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais may be looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 but the rumors of his relationship with Pieper James are finally catching up with him.

Demi Burnett took him on a one-on-one date and brought up the rumors that surfaced in June stating that he and Pieper were dating and trying to pursue a long-distance relationship.

Viewers are wondering how much merit there is to those rumors and if Brendan and Pieper are together now.

Pieper and Brendan spotted together after Bachelor in Paradise

Pieper and Brendan seem to be an item following Bachelor in Paradise as the two were spotted together in Miami after filming wrapped.

Reality Steve tweeted a picture of the two of them together and revealed that there have been multiple sightings.

For now, Brendan is on Bachelor in Paradise alone, exploring other relationships but it seems that will change.

According to these rumors, Pieper will show up on Bachelor in Paradise.

The two will likely explore a relationship on the show but it seems they leave before the finale when couples are expected to propose to each other.

Brendan and Pieper did start dating before Bachelor in Paradise

The rumors that Pieper and Brendan started dating before Bachelor in Paradise are true.

Brendan and Pieper were first spotted together in New York City in April.

The pair were then spotted together numerous times in Brendan’s hometown Boston.

A source close to the two confirmed they were exploring a relationship.

“Pieper and Brendan have been dating for a few weeks now,” a source told Us Weekly. “Either he’ll fly to New York and hang with her, or she’ll fly to Boston to hang with him. She was most recently in Boston over Memorial Day weekend and they were even spotted out in public together.”

“They’re keeping their relationship under wraps since they’re trying to make it work long-distance and it’s still new,” the insider explained. “They both are super into each other and are getting to know each other and are just having fun going on dates.”

To many members of Bachelor Nation, this may be considered foul play. However, we don’t know the full story yet since Pieper hasn’t arrived to Bachelor in Paradise yet so it’s hard to say.

In the past, some contestants have tried to cover up reaching out to each other ahead of Bachelor in Paradise.

Others weren’t ashamed to admit that they were hoping certain contestants would show up as they were talking to them ahead of the show.

One of the contestants who got in the hottest water over this was Blake Horstmann, who was accused of two-timing both Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes ahead of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

Even though it didn’t work out for Blake, dating ahead of Bachelor in Paradise seems to be a move that worked out for Brendan and Pieper.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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