Bachelor in Paradise rumored to be formatted like Love Island for a different feel

Jesse Palmer
Bachelor in Paradise has a new format. Pic credit: @jessepalmer/Instagram

As the Season 8 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise continues to inch closer and closer to its air date, another promo has been released showing what is to come on the show.

The promo is full of laughter, tears, cuss words, nudity, and of course, hookups. It also details the fact that there will be a huge twist like nothing Bachelor Nation has ever seen before.

Jesse Palmer appears in the trailer, telling the women to pack their bags as they will be leaving the island in this crazy and wild ride, with less footage than ever cut from the aired show.

Reality Steve had come out weeks ago and revealed this new and unique twist that BIP would try out, as they got the idea from Love Island.

Moreover, the show hints at season finale engagements, as well as tough, tearful breakups, and fans can’t wait to see what is in store this season on BIP.

As the couples are broken apart in this new, shocking twist this season, some will survive the madness, but other relationships will test the waters with a new arrival.

Bachelor in Paradise will have a Love Island feel to it this season

During the trailer clip, host Jesse Palmer can be seen stepping in to change things up for the Paradise cast members.

In a voiceover, fans can hear him say, “A shocking twist divides the beach.” Later, he is shown demanding, “Ladies, Go pack your bags you’ll be leaving Paradise immediately.”

According to rumors, it has been said that BIP has taken an idea from the Love Island reality show to see whether the couples can survive the test of new contestants in the house and if they’ll be swayed to start a relationship with one of them instead.

In this twist, production will separate the couples and men and women who are already there together; they will then bring in some new arrivals to see if any already-formed relationships are strong enough to stand the test.

How did the women feel about Jesse Palmer’s announcement?

After hearing what Jesse had to say, the women were up in arms and extremely upset that they were being forced to leave.

Some had formed strong relationships with the men there, and others were beginning to forge connections.

After leaving the island immediately, it appears the women felt outraged. In fact, Jill Chin stated she is “sick of being poked like a bear every day.” The other women followed her lead, yelling, “F**k you, Jesse Palmer!”

After watching the clip, Jesse could be seen telling the audience at the Men Tell All, “I told you it was crazy! By the way, ‘F**k you, Jesse Palmer?’ I knew I was gonna get a shout-out, but not like that. Crazy things happen down in Paradise.”

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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