Bachelor in Paradise: Lil Jon welcomes two new guys to the beach

Lil Jon brings 2 more guys to Bachelor in Paradise
Lil Jon loves the romance but he loves the drama more. Pic credit: ABC

Lil Jon has hit the beach in Mexico for the final episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 and he’s bringing the drama with him.

In a new Bachelor in Paradise sneak peek, shared to the official BIP Instagram account, Lil Jon is seen gathering up the BIP cast so that he can make an announcement.

“Everybody, come over here. Come over here,” the Turn Down For What rapper beckons as the Bachelor in Paradise crew gathers around.

“Get comfortable. Get cozy. It’s going to get crazy now,” he continues as he is about to make all the guys in paradise very uncomfortable with this announcement.

Lil Jon is ready to bring the drama to BIP

“I want all of you to find love. But I do love the drama,” Lil Jon tells the group in dramatic fashion. “I’m going to bring two new people to the beach.”

As the Bachelor in Paradise cast cheered, he said, “Alright, let’s welcome two new people to paradise!”

There was more cheering as Demar Jackson and Ed Waisbrot made their way down to the group despite Ivan Hall saying in the confessional that he was really hoping there would be more girls joining the group.

Both Ed and Demar were expected to join the Bachelor in Paradise cast, we just weren’t aware that it would be this late in the season when they finally make their entrances.

Bachelor in Paradise welcomes Demar Jackson and Ed Waisbrot

The two new guys joining Bachelor in Paradise are Demar Jackson and Ed Waisbrot. This really could shake things up in Mexico.

After all, Demar, who viewers first met on The Bachelorette’s Season 16, which saw both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams find love, is really hoping that he can spend some time with Maurissa Gunn. The problem is that she has been cozied up to Riley Christian ever since their steamy visit to the Boom Boom Room.

Ed Waisbrot was also first seen on Tayshia and Clare’s season but that’s not all he has in common with Demar. Both men were sent home in week 8 of The Bachelorette when Tayshia sent them out the door without a rose.

Now, they are coming in at episode 10 of Bachelor in Paradise and are hoping they can finally snag that rose away from someone else. Whether or not they’ll be able to sway any of the ladies to choose them over one of the already-there men is anyone’s guess but as Lil Jon pointed out, it surely will cause some drama.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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