Bachelor in Paradise cast: Here’s which Bachelor Nation stars are looking for love

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 brings out a boatload of stars. Pic credit: ABC

After a long hiatus, it’s finally almost paradise! On this highly anticipated season of Bachelor in Paradise we’ll be seeing more familiar faces from the franchise than ever before. 

Former contestants from Katie Thurston’s most recent season all the way to Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season years ago, are heading to the island with hopes of finding love on television for the second or even third time. 

Bachelor Nation’s favorite spinoff is sure to be jam-packed with fan-favorites, villains, drama, and hopefully some genuine love connections too. 

Here’s a refresher on all the stars you can expect to see search for love on this exciting new season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Who from Katie Thurston’s season will be on BIP?

Connor Brennan made a memorable impression on Katie Thurston’s season when he came out of the limo in a cat costume. Connor is known for being a pro at coming up with dad jokes and catchy songs, as well as being a favorite amongst fans and Katie’s other men. 

Katie eventually sent Connor home because they lacked chemistry when they kissed. After an emotional breakup filled with tears, Connor is hoping to sing a different tune and finally find love in paradise. 

Tre Cooper will also be joining this season of BIP. On Katie’s season, Tre is most remembered for his playful spirit and bromance with all the men in the house. 

James Bonsall is the 30-year-old from California whose most notable moment on Katie’s season was when he arrived in a box on the first night and didn’t expose his true identity until late into the first cocktail party. 

Aaron Clancy developed a reputation for being involved in almost all the drama on Katie’s season. Whether he was feuding with fellow San Diego resident Cody Menk or chewing out Karl Smith, Thomas Jacobs, and Hunter Montgomery, Aaron was always ready to go at it with others and it’s likely Aaron will continue to be at the center of drama in paradise,

Karl Smith is the motivational speaker who quickly became a villain on Katie’s season when he vaguely suggested that there were men in the house who were there for the wrong reasons. Karl’s antics rubbed many of the men the wrong way, to the point that the men stopped a rose ceremony to encourage Katie to send Karl home, which led to Karl’s awkward exit from the show. 

Who from Matt James’s season will be on BIP?

Abigail Heringer became a fan favorite on Matt James’ season, winning over both Bachelor Nation and Matt James who gave her the first impression rose. Abigail also was The Bachelor franchises’s first deaf contestant. 

Jessenia Cruz had her biggest moment on Matt James season when she faced off with fellow contender MJ Snyder on the two-on-one date. Jessenia held her own and managed to get MJ sent home, only for her to be sent home later on in the process. 

Mari Pepin is a beauty queen who didn’t make it super far with Matt James but she did make in into the top 10 when she competed for Miss USA in 2019.

Victoria Larson, aka Queen Victoria, was easily the most over-the-top villain during Matt James season. After causing loads of issues with the other women before her dramatic exit, Queen Victoria is hoping to finally conquer love in paradise.

Serena Chew is the flight attendant who feuded with the newly engaged bachelorette, Katie Thurston, while on Matt James season. 

Serena Pitt made it far on Matt James’s season, ending up in 4th place. Serena started to doubt her relationship with Matt after hometowns and decided to self-eliminate from the show just before making it to the final three. 

Who from Clare and Tayshia’s Season will be on BIP?

Kenny Braasch had one of the more memorable professions, working as a boy band manager. He wasn’t able to win Clare or Tayshia’s heart but, according to the BIP trailers where Kenny is fully nude, Kenny seems ready to once again bare it all for love.

Noah Erb stood out due to his facial hair, which Tayshia eventually had him shave. He then faced off with Bennett Jordan during a two-on-one date where his emotional IQ was challenged, and yet Noah still came out on top during the date, only to later be sent packing. 

Brendan Morais hit it off with Tayshia and they bonded over having both been married and divorced in their past. However, after making it to hometowns, Brendan came to the realization that his heart wasn’t yet ready for a new relationship and he made the decision to go home. 

Ivan Hall was a lovable contender who aimed to have real and heartfelt conversations about race and being biracial with Tayshia. Ivan made it all the way to fantasy suites before being sent home. 

Who from Peter Weber’s season will be on BIP?

Kelsey Weier is remembered for being one of the more emotional contestants on Peter Weber’s season. Kelsey’s viral moment centered around her special bottle of champagne that ended up exploding all over her face during an embarrassing moment with Peter. 

Natasha Parker landed in 6th place during Peter Weber’s season. Despite making it fairly far, Natasha only got a one-on-one at the last minute and then was sent home by Peter at the end of the date. 

Victoria Paul clashed with her pageant queen rival, Alayah Benavidez, while on Peter Weber’s season, when their former Miss USA feud became a point of tension on The Bachelor. Most recently, Victoria P. was praised for calling out the unrealistic edit of her BIP photo.

Deandra Kanu was unafraid to speak up on Peter’s season and vocalize how “under-recognized” she felt. She was sent home during week four of the show. 

Maurissa Gunn didn’t get much of a chance to make a mark on Peter Weber’s season because she was sent home during the first week. Hopefully, Bachelor Nation will get to see more of who Maurissa really is on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Tammy Ly came under fire for her controversial comments regarding Kelsey’s emotional state. Tammy later got into more drama when her feud with Mykenna Dorn led to a heated two-on-one date.

This season there will also be BIP alumni that include Tahzjuan Hawkins from Colton Underwood’s season and Joe Amabile from Becca Kufrin’s season. 

Joe Amabile, nicknamed “Grocery Store Joe”, will return to paradise for the second time. He entered a two-year-long relationship with Kendall Long when on BIP Season 5 and, after their breakup, it seems Joe is hoping paradise will help him find yet another long-term relationship.

Tahzjuan will also be making her second appearance on Bachelor in Paradise after being eliminated in week three during BIP Season 6 and being eliminated in week one on Colton Underwood’s season. 

Spoilers: Here’s who comes later on in the season 

Contestants come and go on Bachelor in Paradise and are often replaced with new stars from the franchise. Here are all the castmates that are expected to arrive on the island throughout the season. 

From Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, fans can be expected to be reunited with Kendall Long, Tia Booth, and Becca Kufrin. Becca’s presence on BIP is historic because she will be the first former Bachelorette to join the spinoff. 

Perhaps one of the biggest names and biggest personalities to be on this season of BIP is Demi Burnett, who already seems to be causing wild trouble in the BIP trailers.  

From Becca Kufrin’s season, it’s rumored that Chris Randone and Clay Harbor will be showing up to paradise. Currently, the only man rumored to be coming to paradise from Hannah Brown’s season is BIP alumni Connor Saeli. 

Fans will likely see several men pop up from Clare/Tayshia’s season including; Riley Christian, Ed Waisbrot, Demar Jackson, Chasen Nick, Chris Conran, and fan-favorite Dr. Joe Park. 

Some of the women who were at the center of drama during Peter Weber’s season are also expected to show up on the island and that includes Mykenna Dorn and Victoria Paul’s old rival Alayah Benavidez. 

The women from Matt James season that have been reported to compete on BIP during various points of the season are Chelsea Vaughn and Pieper James, whose dating life had already caused a buzz

Lastly, the notorious Thomas Jacobs from Katie Thurston’s season will be appearing on the island and hopefully he’ll be “there for the right reasons” this time. 

Clearly, this season of BIP is serving up a huge and colorful cast of characters, and that’s not even including the new guest hosts who are sure to cause a splash on the island as well.

Now that you know the list of cast members, who do you think will pair up in paradise? 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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