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Bachelor in Paradise fans are scouring social media for spoilers about the upcoming cast

The cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6
Fans have their own theories on which Bachelor Nation stars will appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. Pic credit: ABC

Fans are curious to find out which Bachelor Nation stars will be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

Viewers already know who will be hosting Bachelor in Paradise. Chris Harrison is out and will be replaced by a rotating team of comedians including David Spade.

However, Bachelor in Paradise still hasn’t revealed who will be joining its cast.

Some observant Bachelor fans have been sleuthing on Bachelor Nation stars’ social media accounts to find out who might be away in Mexico filming for Bachelor in Paradise.

They posted their discoveries under this Reddit thread.

Bachelor Nation stars who might be on BIP based on social media activity

Fan favorite Abigail Heringer has a strong possibility of being on the show. Not only did she win over fans’ hearts on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor, but she reportedly just quit her job.

“abigail h. quit her job in the past week or so!! she was a contractor at my company,” one user wrote. “not sure about her social media activity, i haven’t been on IG for the past couple of days — she’s normally pretty active, but she doesn’t have any stories right now.”

Additionally, another user mentioned that she, along with Serena Pitt, have been less active on social media.

“Serena P and Abigail on the other hand have been quieter than usual I can see them being a part of the OG cast,” another user wrote.

“Based on social I’m thinking Noah and MJ are there,” another theorized of MJ Synder, also from Matt’s season, and Noah Erb from Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette.

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Bachelor fans theorize who will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: u/codywasrobbedthenwon/Reddit

Another user thinks the producers had their eyes set on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor when it came to Bachelor in Paradise casting.

“Just from pure speculation based off social media whereabouts it seems like VP, Alayah, Tammy and Kelsey might be going,” the user wrote.

Bachelor fans theorize who will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: u/codywasrobbedthenwon/Reddit

A separate user predicted that veteran and repeat offender Kristina Schulman might be there.

“looks like kristina might be going to paradise as well, she just posted an ig story on a plane,” the user observed.

Meanwhile, viewers have mixed opinions on whether Serena Chew from Matt’s season will appear.

Bachelor fans theorize who will be on Bachelor in Paradise.
Pic credit: u/codywasrobbedthenwon/Reddit

Other predictions include Ivan Hall from Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise veteran Tia Booth.

Bachelor Nation stars who are likely not on Bachelor in Paradise

The social media sleuths also have deduced who likely won’t be on Bachelor in Paradise based on their activity.

One fan crossed off a whole slew of names from Matt’s season of The Bachelor.

“Pieper, Serena C, Chelsea, Jessenia, and Pieper have all been super active on IG today. Unless they’re all late arrivals I’m not sure if they’re going either. And we already know Bri’s not going,” the same user who observed Abigail and Serena P’s social media activity added.

Another fan noticed that Kit Keenan has been active on social media.

The top three women from Peter’s season of The Bachelor likely won’t be there.

Fans have noticed that Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Victoria Fuller have all been active on social media. Victoria Fuller even posted that she’s in Tennessee on her Instagram story.

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Additionally, several Bachelor Nation stars have already confirmed they won’t be appearing on the summer spinoff series.

Matt James and Tyler Cameron already confirmed they won’t be on Bachelor in Paradise as they’re both happily in relationships.

Connor Saeli also said he was planning on going but now won’t be after some drama went down.

Viewers will have to wait to discover the true Bachelor in Paradise cast for now.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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