Connor Saeli is not interested in Bachelor in Paradise return because another Bachelor Nation star will be there

Connor Saeli
Connor Saeli won’t appear on Bachelor in Paradise after he found out he was being two-timed. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation star Connor Saeli teases that there may already be drama brewing for Bachelor in Paradise.

Connor Saeli, originally from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, revealed that he was considering going on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. Everything changed when some drama went down between him and one of the expected contestants ahead of the show.

Connor revealed why he won’t be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise

Connor revealed during the Bachelor Degree podcast that he was speaking to and sparking a romance with someone who is expected to appear on this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

“There was a person that I was interested in who may or may not be going on Paradise this upcoming season,” Saeli teased, adding, “When I say ‘interested in,’ we were hanging out and talking for a while.”

Connor then revealed that he realized he was being two-timed and now no longer wants to appear on the summer spin-off series.

“But that person decided to also talk to another person at the same time, which I recently found out,” he revealed. “I would’ve been interested in going if I had the opportunity to explore that connection. That’s the only reason I would want to go.”

Even though Connor is upset about being played, he expressed that he’s happy he found out about it before going on the show.

“Some people decided to make poor choices, and I’m not gonna fault them for that,” he continued. “I’m just glad I figured that out sooner rather than later. Maybe you’ll see them on TV. I don’t know.”

After Dean Unlgert swept Caelynn Miller-Keyes from Connor during a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s nice to see Connor avoid heartbreak for a second time.

Who was Connor talking to?

Naturally, Bachelor fans might be wondering who Connor was talking to and hanging out with prior to Bachelor in Paradise.

One likely candidate is Madison Prewett from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

Not only is Madison a likely contender to be on Bachelor in Paradise, but rumors sparked about the two talking in March.

During an Instagram Live with Mike Johnson and John Paul Jones, Connor admitted that he had slid into Madison Prewett’s DMs.

John Paul encouraged Connor to go for it.

“I remember her being very together and very purpose-driven,” he said of Madison. “And not giving in to some of the pressures I imagine would arise during the last couple episodes…she’s got her stuff together. She’s a catch, man. Proud of you. Anyway, dude, happy for you, that is awesome. I ship you guys, 100 percent.”

While Connor said they were just talking as friends at the time, it may have bloomed into something more over time.

The two were also spotted together, and Connor said he hung out with the person he was talking to in person.

Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c.

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