Bachelor in Paradise: Chris Conran claps back at ‘disrespectful’ questions about his sexuality

Chasen Nick and Chris Conran
Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Conran has spoken out about the rumors surrounding his sexuality and Chasen Nick. Pic credit: @chrisconran/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise star Chris Conran has addressed the rumors and jokes surrounding his sexuality and wants to shut them down once and for all.

Chris drew attention to the matter and pointed out the harm in those comments regarding race and sexuality.

“I’ve noticed rumors of people questioning my sexuality online and on podcasts,” Chris tweeted on Wednesday. “I am not gay. It is disrespectful that society effeminates Asian men and uses ‘gay’ as a derogatory term. Don’t impose sexuality on individuals.”

The rumors first began to surface when Chris arrived at the beach with his close friend Chasen Nick.

Both men met when they competed on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette.

It is typical for contestants on Bachelor in Paradise in pairs, but the close nature of their friendship got fans talking.

Chris Conran tweeted about rumors regarding his sexuality.
Pic credit: @chrisconran/Twitter

Bachelor Nation both jokingly and genuinely questioned their sexuality and shipped them together.

Bachelor Nation podcasts questioned Chris Conran’s sexuality

Chris mentioned that his sexuality was questioned on podcasts.

It was a generic statement, but there is damning audio footage from Nick Viall’s podcast The Viall Files.

“I was getting kind of a fluid vibe from Chris and Chasen when they showed up,” Dave said on the podcast. “I was certain that it was, like, ‘Oh, these are the guys who are sort of bicurious, and Wells is gonna make ’em a cocktail, and who knows what may happen next.’ That was my feeling. Because we’ve been there with women. We haven’t been there with men yet.”

Nick also joked that he couldn’t tell who Chris was from the first shot but that he had “very pretty legs.”

Chris’ journey so far on Bachelor in Paradise

Chris caused a stir when he entered the beach for Bachelor in Paradise.

Chris expressed interest in dating Jessenia Cruz. However, at the time, she was with Ivan Hall, and the pair was one of the strongest couples.

Regardless, Jessenia accepted Chris’s date invitation. During the steamy date, Jessenia realized she had a spark with Chris.

After Jessenia returned from the date, she had an honest conversation with Ivan.

While Ivan “checked off all the boxes” for her, she couldn’t deny the spark she had with Chris and admitted that it wasn’t something that could be recreated.

Ivan knew at that point that their relationship was over. When it came time for the rose ceremony, Jessenia gave Chris her rose.

Luckily for Ivan, he was saved when Deandra gave him her rose following the jewelry drama between Chasen and Karl.

Unfortunately, that meant that Chris’s good friend Chasen had to leave the show.

Keep watching to see if Chris and Jessenia’s connection lasts during and after Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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