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B90 Strikes Back: Erika Owens answers questions about sex with Stephanie Matto on 90 Day Fiance

Erika Down Under
Erika Owens watches herself on Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

On 90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back, Erika Owens is going to address some of the questions that fans have had about her relationship with Stephanie Matto. One of the biggest questions has been about whether or not they had sex.

Erika and Stephanie were an intriguing couple from the last season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and they were invited back to take part in the spin-off called B90 Strikes Back.

During the last episode, Erika and Stephanie were shown watching the episode where they met in person for the first time. Stephanie traveled to Australia to meet Erika and it gave them the opportunity to advance their relationship.

Now, it’s time for them to watch the episode that featured the first night that they spent together in Australia and Erika is going to address the big sex question.

Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto in Australia

TLC has released an interesting clip for the next episode of B90 Strikes Back that provides more footage of Erika and Stephanie watching their season of Before the 90 Days.

In the clip that is shared below, we see the ladies in bed as they are waking up from Stephanie’s first night in Australia. The ladies speak about that moment as they too watch it all play out. This is right before Erika took Stephanie to see some animals.

One of the couples from Pillow Talk notes that Erika is “dressed like the crocodile hunter” in a reference to the late Steve Irwin. Erika laughs at the comment and then reads a fan comment saying something very similar.

“I’m glad someone appreciates my outfits,” Erika says out loud. “This outfit is cute as f***. I had just wanted to look like a sexy Steve Irwin and that’s what I achieved.”

Later in the video, a number of “Down Under” puns are made in addition to Erika officially addressing the issue of sex with Stephanie. Take a look at the video to see what she has to say.

New episode of 90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back

In addition to finding out more about Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto, TLC viewers are going to learn a new secret that David Murphey is going to reveal about wooing women in Ukraine.

The new episode will also feature Darcey Silva setting the record straight on Tom Brooks’ weight loss and the relationship between Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega is explored further as they talk about what happened when they spent the night apart in Manila.

90 Day Fiance: B90 Strikes Back airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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