Avery Mills takes aim at Yazan’s family after they freaked out on Brittany

Avery Mills comments on Brittany and Yazan
Avery Mills had a lot to say about Brittany and Yazan’s latest 90 Day Fiance drama. Pic credit: TLC

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, things got rather intense when Brittany and Yazan went to visit his parents. Now, Avery Mills is speaking out about the scary moment, and she says Yazan’s parents really messed up.

Avery converted to Islam prior to meeting her husband Omar, and she’s been a pretty strong advocate for Muslims, especially converts. She says that Yazan’s parents went about that confrontation with Brittany all wrong.

There’s no denying that the scene where Yazan’s mother starts yelling at Brittany was very uncomfortable. Many 90 Day Fiance fans shared their shock after watching the confrontation play out.

Some even worried that Brittany may have been in danger, citing that the cameras being there may have averted a real crisis.

Brittany is safe, though, and she even told Yazan that she never, ever wanted to see his parents again after the incident. Who can blame her? The way Yazan’s mom was yelling would have been traumatic for anyone. As Avery pointed out, it could cause Brittany to completely reject her someday husband’s religion rather than embrace it.

Avery Mills speaks out on Twitter

After watching the shocking moment, Avery Mills shared her thoughts on Twitter.

She wrote, “His family had the chance to show the beautiful side of Islam and have her spark an interest on her own. But instead they were rude, and she will probably look at Islam in this way. Alhumdulillah my in laws treat me with respect and love Bc I couldn’t deal with this at ALL.”

Avery Mills Twitter
Avery shared her take on that shocking scene with Yazan’s family. Pic credit: @javerysjourneys/Twitter

Quickly, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers responded to Avery’s commentary, with many agreeing that the scene just wasn’t good all around.

90 Day Fiance fans worry for Brittany

While Avery thinks that Yazan’s parents may turn Brittany away from Islam, quite a few 90 Day Fiance fans worried about more than just that. Some were concerned about her safety, while others think Brittany should have learned a bit more about the culture in Jordan before hopping on a flight to live there.

Brittany has blasted her 90 Day Fiance critics before, saying that Americans are “undereducated” after many called her out for moving to Jordan and then insisting that she won’t be changing for Yazan or anyone else.

It should be interesting to see how all of this unfolds as Brittany continues to butt heads with Yazan as she has been pretty much doing since her flight arrived.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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