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Ashley Martson opens up about what was real and what was not about her 90 Day Fiance storyline

Ashley Martson at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All
Ashley Martson is sharing more about what was real during her season on 90 Day Fiance with Jay Smith. Pic credit: VH1

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith appeared on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance. Their story was pretty wild, and many TLC viewers have wondered just how much of it was real. Now, she’s dropping some piping hot tea about the truth and what wasn’t so true.

90 Day Fiance fans likely remember Ashley and Jay’s very short yet very dramatic marriage. He was caught cheating numerous times but kept apologizing and promising to work things out.

Ashley took Jay back and tried to make their marriage work more than once, but ultimately, the pair ended up separating for good at the end of the summer.

What did Ashley Marton confess about 90 Day Fiance?

Ashley’s 90 Day Fiance confession came in the comments of a recent Instagram post. One of Ashley’s followers wrote:

“Would love to know the truth behind your story. Hopefully what was aired is not the entire truth. You know…are they…are they not. Did he …did he not. If he did, why the hell get married? I guess only two people know and the rest of us pick sides.”

Surprisingly, Ashley responded, and when she did, she shared quite a bit about her time on the show.

“Everything was true minus my exit at the tell all,” Ashley told her fans.

“That was about my children and the fact they ran past my out time. It was mother’s day and I was furious screaming at production and leaving. Hence why I said “fu*k all of you” if I was speaking to jay I wouldn’t have said all of you. He wasn’t the reason I left. Cheating was true. Bathroom was true. Tinder was true.”

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Ashley Martson spills the 90 day fiance tea on Instagram
Ashley didn’t hold back about what really happened and what was edited on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: @ashleye_90/Instagram

Will Ashley ever get over Jay?

At the end of 2019, Ashley Martson posted a tearful photo, and as she said goodbye to the year, she confessed that she still misses Jay Smith.

Ashley wasn’t trying to get him back. Quite the opposite really, she was letting him go and hoping for a better year in 2020.

Despite all of the shady things that Jay was accused of and did do during his marriage to Ashley, she made it clear that she still does care about it. But as far as these two ever getting back together, she says that time has passed.

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