Ashley Martson explains why she decided to give Jay Smith another chance after he cheated on her repeatedly

Ashley Martson
Ashley Martson speaks out about why she gave Jay Smith a second chance. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Martson thought she had found the love of her life when she met Jay Smith in Jamaica. Despite their age difference, she wanted him to come to America with her.

They shared their love story on 90 Day Fiance, and despite facing some hardships along the way, the two managed to get married within the 90 days.

However, Ashley and Jay faced threats from her neighbors as they didn’t like her marrying a Black man.

Additionally, Ashley cut her best friend from her life because she was critical of Jay. To wrap it all up, Jay faced cheating allegations while producers were still at their home, filming the show.

Now, fans are asking her why she keeps giving him second chances.

Ashley Martson opens up about her decision to stay with Jay Smith

On her Instagram account, Ashley hosted a Q&A session, where her fans could ask her anything.

One person asked her why she keeps giving Jay second chances, given all the drama they have been through.

Ashley Martson
Ashley Martson opened up about her decision to stick with Jay. Pic credit: @ashleye_90/Instagram

“I took vows and I love him,” she replied on Instagram. “I’m aware he broke his vows, so I have every right to step away. I chose to stay by his side and help him do better. I’m not ready to give up yet.”

On the Tell All special, Ashley revealed she hadn’t filed his papers yet to get his green card because she truly wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to stay.

To revisit their drama, watch the clip from the Tell All special below.

Ashley Martson seems to be over the cheating issues

While the two filmed 90 Day Fiance: Ashley revealed Jay cheated on her. Jay admitted he was lonely because he knew nobody in the United States.

He decided to make a Tinder profile so he could meet people. Ashley saw it as him meeting other women. He even went out to meet one of these women.

This went down just days after their wedding in Las Vegas.

In January of this year, Jay completed his probation after violating the protection from abuse order that was put in place after he posted to social media about Ashley, something he wasn’t allowed to do.

He was arrested in July and spent almost a month behind bars.

At the time, his case was transferred to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and he faced possible deportation to his native Jamaica.

In October 2019, Ashley admitted she had the mindset of “never say never” when it came to her marriage to Jay.

The two broke up several times, but it sounds like she takes her vows seriously — so seriously, that she’s giving him more chances to make their marriage work for good this time.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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