Ashley Jones takes aim at Dr. Drew: Does MTV doctor ‘instigate drama’ at Teen Mom reunions?

Ashley Jones during a Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant reunion
Ashley Jones blames Dr. Drew for instigating drama with the women of Teen Mom Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones, star of Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant was recently announced as Chelsea Houska’s replacement on the next season of Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea announced her departure from the show and said she felt it was the right time to move on and focus on her family and various business ventures.

Several fans were excited to hear Ashley would be joining the Teen Mom 2 cast and felt it was the change the show needed. Many congratulated her on Instagram and looked forward to watching her journey continue.

While Ashley looked forward to the opportunity to be part of the cast, her recent Instagram story pointed to some unresolved issues she’s had with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew has hosted the Teen Mom reunions for several years.

Ashley calls out Dr. Drew

During an Instagram Q and A, a fan asked Ashley if she made up with the Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant moms after she had issues with them at the reunion.

Fans can recall at the last reunion, things got so heated between Ashley and some of her castmates that security had to be called to escort Ashley off stage.

Ashley wasted no time responding to the fan and blamed Dr. Drew for the drama that happened with her and the other girls. She referred to him as “messy” and a “disgrace”.

She said, “I over all that sh*t FR. If anything Drew messy a** need to drop the Dr and just call himself a Wendy Williams cause he’s a disgrace. Sitting up there old as my papa instigating little girl drama for the last however long. Surely as a Dr his medical contributions could be greater.”

The Ashley shared a photo of the Instagram story here.

Does Dr. Drew instigate drama?

Ashley claimed that Dr. Drew instigated the drama and it looks like some Teen Mom 2 fans share the same sentiments.

During part one of the reunion, one fan tweeted and also referred to him as “messy.”

The fan referenced Briana’s situation with Devoin Austin and wondered whether the lack of support she receives from her other baby daddy Luis Hernandez would ever be brought up. They said, “Let’s see if messy Drew addresses the fact that Luis is never around.”

Fan calls Dr. Drew "messy" on Twitter
Fan calls Dr. Drew “messy” on Twitter Pic credit: @justforshowss1/Twitter

Another fan felt Dr. Drew wasn’t being much of a therapist and said, “Dr. Drew isn’t doing any “doctoring” rn..just being messy messy.”

In previews of part two of the reunion, fans saw a clip of Chelsea announcing her departure. Dr. Drew asked if he was the only one who was “pissed and sad.” The women all had positive and supportive comments to say toward Chelsea but Dr. Drew seemed to be the most upset.

Dr. Drew has yet to address Ashley’s comments. Is Ashley right about Dr. Drew’s attempts to stir the pot?

Fans can tune in to part two of the Teen Mom 2 reunion next week to judge for themselves.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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