Ashley Jones’ fiance Bar Smith surveys Teen Mom 2 fans who doubt their engagement

Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2
When Teen Mom 2 fans questioned whether Ashley accepted Bar’s proposal in the first episode, he held a survey. Pic credit: MTV

Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2 fame held a poll asking whether fans of the show thought Ashley accepts his proposal after the scene aired during the first episode of the new season.

During the first episode of Season 11, fans watched as Ashley and Bar celebrated their fifth anniversary with a solo trip to Pismo Beach in California. The couple shares a daughter, three-year-old Holly, who stayed with Ashley’s mom, Tea, during their trip.

Before their trip, Bar talked to a friend on the phone about his plans to propose to Ashley. Bar’s longtime girlfriend recently received some flak about joining the cast of Teen Mom 2, but told her haters, “Don’t watch then.”

Bar was excited to propose to Ashley in the season opener

“I stepped out and got a nice ring. We’ve been running smooth for [like a] year now. Why now? We in a position to, it’s nerve-wracking to make sure it’s going to be right, as far as the setting. But otherwise, I’m excited,” Bar told his friend.

Bar and Ashley strolled along the boardwalk taking in the scenery when Bar revealed that he had a gift for Ashley.

When Bar asked Ashley to stand up from her seat, she sensed what was about to happen.

Ashley sensed that Bar was about to propose and got emotional

“I just want to tell you that I appreciate you — you have been with me through a lot,” Bar said to Ashley, who was overcome with emotion as she covered her face with her hands.

As Bar got down on one knee and showed her the ring, he asked Ashley, “I would like to ask you, will you marry me?”

The episode ended before viewers got a chance to see Ashley’s reaction, but most insinuated that she accepted Bar’s proposal.

When Teen Mom shared a clip of the scene on their Twitter page, fans of the show spoke out about the proposal, and some thought the couple ended up engaged, while some thought they would end up apart.

Bar took a survey of Teen Mom 2 fans to see how many thought Ashley said yes

Bar took to the comments on the post and asked, “What y’all think she gone say?” and included a poll for fans to vote.

The final tally came in with 91.9% of viewers voted that Ashley says yes and accepts Bar’s proposal, and only 8.1% thought Ashley would say no and reject Bar’s proposal.

Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2 on Teen Mom's Twitter page
Bar surveyed Teen Mom 2 viewers on whether Ashley accepts his proposal or not. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

Fans had differing opinions about Bar and Ashley’s relationship

One fan of the show commented, “She’s clearly wearing an engagement ring in the previews for the season so I’m going to say she said yes.”

Another fan thought the couple would end up like another Teen Mom 2 couple, Jade and Sean, “Honestly yall are like jade and sean and me and my ex. Always trying to make it work and always saying this is the time when it’s really not. It’s ok to be ok with the fact that you two arent meant for each other. Yall will be broken up again mid to late season.”

Bar responded, “Lol you sure? let’s us know when you get to mid season”

Ashley recently joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 after Chelsea Houska announced her exit from the franchise, but assured fans that she wasn’t replacing Chelsea, but instead said she was an addition to the show.

Fans can find out Ashley’s reaction to Bar’s proposal next week and what else unfolds in the couple’s lives now that Season 11 is underway.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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