Ariana Madix shares relationship status with all her Vanderpump Rules cast members

Ariana Madix speaks during a confessional interview for Vanderpump Rules
Ariana Madix speaks during a confessional interview for Vanderpump Rules Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix recently appeared on the podcast #NoFilter with Zack Peter to dish on her current friendships and fallouts.

The actress and TV personality took the opportunity to explain where she stands with her co-stars and former co-stars.

She revealed that she has grown closer with Katie Maloney since their husbands Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz teamed up to manage their restaurant TomTom.

Ariana explained that while the two Toms hang out together far more often than she and Katie, she enjoys the time she does get to spend with Katie.

“Whenever me and Katie hang out, we always have a really fun time,” she said on the podcast. “I really enjoy her. We send a lot of TikToks back and forth to each other and then sometimes she’ll be like, ‘Is Tom at your house?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ … They’re always together, the Toms. And with COVID, it’s like she’s at home, I’m here and Tom and Tom will be over in the corner doing their Cameos.”

Some relationships are rocky for Ariana

Although Ariana and Katie have a great friendship, Ariana’s relationship with Jax and Brittany is much more complicated. She and Jax have never gotten along due to the controversy and drama he has caused during his time on the show.

She explains that that impacted her relationship with his wife Brittany.

“Obviously, with Brittany, there’s always, like, that tension of, like, me and Jax. I’m not gonna lie, of course that’s gonna be a thing,” she says.

However, she and Brittany have been trying to get past it for the sake of their friendship.

“But I love her so much and we did get to see each other at Scheana’s pregnancy reveal party a couple of weeks ago. And it was good to see her then.”

As far as the infamous Scheana Shay versus Lala Kent feud over Scheana’s miscarriage, Ariana is staying loyal to her longtime friend Scheana.

“Everything that happened with [Lala] and Scheana obviously is, like, tough for me because I’m very protective of Scheana and I love her so much,” Ariana explains. “When somebody goes off about my girl, I get really, you know, like protective mom over Scheana.

Ariana isn’t as close with some other stars

Ariana explains that she and Lala have been at a rough place ever since the Season 8 reunion. However,  the feud between Lala and Scheana has affected her friendship with Lala.

According to Us Weekly, Ariana wasn’t invited to Lala and Randall’s gender reveal party.

However, she’s still not quite ready to cut ties with Lala like her friend Scheana. She reportedly hopes that she and Lala will eventually repair their friendship.

She is also on the outs with former Vanderpump Rules costar Stassi Schroeder.

“Stassi and I have texted a couple of times,” she shares. “[But] we’re all just kind of in our own little bubbles right now.”

Scheana also recently opened up about how she and Stassi are currently feuding. Stassi claimed that Scheana shared private text messages to strangers. Scheana then unfollowed Stassi on all social media. Ariana’s distance from Stassi is another sign of her loyalty to Scheana.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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