Are the Married at First Sight fans starting to see Taylor’s true colors?

Brandon has received a lot of backlash so far this season, but the latest episode has Taylor looking pretty bad as well. Pic credit: Lifetime

So far on this season of Married at First Sight, Brandon Reid has received a lot of hate on social media.

After all, he did throw a couple of tantrums on the honeymoon and also acted pretty strange when he and Taylor tied the knot.

But this last episode has Taylor looking a little shady as well.

Taylor seems to still be mad about Brandon’s behavior in Panama

Brandon apologized once he finally showed up to the couple’s new apartment. After a conversation with Pastor Cal, Brandon said that he would try harder to be a little more understanding of the relationship.

Taylor agreed to allow Brandon to fix things and said she wanted the marriage to work.

Lately, however, it seems as though Brandon decided to let Taylor take the lead for a while so that he didn’t make any more huge mistakes, and Taylor isn’t here for it.

It almost appears as though she is still angry about Brandon’s behavior on the honeymoon and is waiting on him to make some grand gesture to turn back time.

While Brandon may not be handling things the best way, it does seem like he’s trying. Taylor, on the other hand, looks as though she is not willing to let the honeymoon situation go.

When the couple sat down to do an assignment from the experts regarding love, Taylor jumped right into all of the things that Brandon is doing wrong, in her opinion.

Brandon, who is already known to shut down, did just that. Taylor, who seems to be over it all, seemed to shut down as well, ensuring that the relationship would never move forward.

Taylor’s Instagram is a problem

During the honeymoon, Brandon made it very clear to Taylor that he was not happy about how she posts everything on social media.

Taylor seemed to be understanding of his issues, however, on the most recent episode, she made the couple dinner and almost before the plate hit the table, Taylor was taking a picture of it for social media.

Once she got her picture posted, she then complained that Brandon didn’t want to have a conversation. Brandon was visibly upset that he had to compete with Taylor’s phone for attention, and once again, shut down.

Maybe had Taylor looked up from her phone, she would have seen the anger on Brandon’s face before her complaining began.

Then Brandon sees the infamous Instagram video. He rightfully was furious and hurt, and Taylor seemed to downplay her part, yet complain about Brandon leaving.

Maybe he was letting Taylor be single since that’s how she portrayed herself on Instagram.

When Dr. Viviana called Taylor to talk about the video, Taylor said that the video was supposed to be funny, and then played the victim.

Somehow, Brandon leaving was more of a problem than the video that she posted asking for a man who was heterosexual with a big eggplant while being in a whole marriage.

You really can’t blame Brandon for feeling like Taylor isn’t in the marriage.

We also learned that this isn’t Taylor’s first attempt at reality tv. While other people from previous seasons have done reality tv, it is understandable why Brandon may feel like Taylor is in this for all the wrong reasons.

Especially since she can’t stop posting on social media for eight weeks.

It’s starting to become apparent that Brandon isn’t the only one in this couple that has some issues.

It almost makes you wonder what wasn’t shown before Brandon’s honeymoon meltdowns that could have explained his behavior.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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