Are Shannon Beador and boyfriend John Janssen good for each other? Emily Simpson shares her opinion

Emily Simpson talks about Shannon Beador and her boyfriend. Pic credit: Bravo

Shannon Beador and her boyfriend John Janssen have been the latest topic of conversation on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

And it seems everyone has an opinion about the Orange County Housewife and her beau of over a year.

Things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing for the couple during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve seen them on the outs after John did not obey Shannon’s quarantine rules and she kicked him out of the house.

Furthermore, it seems Beador has been complaining to her castmates about John because they’ve also been discussing the couple.

And now Emily Simpson is sharing her opinion about their relationship.

Why are Shannon’s castmates concerned?

During a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador’s castmates shared their concerns about her relationship.

In one scene, Emily Simpson chatted with friend Gina Kirschenheiter about John and Shannon.

“We’ve all been getting phone calls from Shannon regarding John right? and it sounds like something bad is going on there,” said Gina.

In another scene, Kelly Dodd had a conversation with Shannon about her boyfriend and told her about her co-star’s concerns.

“All of us were talking about your relationship,” said Kelly to Beador. “And I’ve never seen anything but Gina says she has.”

It’s not clear what exactly Gina has seen, but things will continue to play out as the season goes on.

Emily shares her opinion about Shannon and John

Another Real Housewives of Orange County Housewife who also has something to say about Shannon and John’s relationship is Emily Simpson.

And she recently gave her two cents about the couple during a recent interview with Access Online’s Housewives Nightcap.

When asked if she thinks the 56-year-old and her beau are good for each other, Emily noted that if the question was asked six months ago she would have said, “no.”

However, “I’ve been around John since then and I’ve gotten to know him more since then and you know what? I do think they’re good for each other,” said Simpson.

She continued, “I do think they’re just a typical couple that’s dealing with a lot of crap going on right now…you know they’re a blended family and that’s difficult.”

The mom-of-three went on to explain all the things going on with Beador and Janssen that caused strife in their relationship.

“You know you have two adults coming together that have adult children. And then Shannon has girls, you know teenagers, we’re going through COVID, quarantine. You have people going in and out of the house, Shannon’s concerned about her health. I mean, of course, they have issues,” opined the RHOC star.

Emily also added, “Really I think they’re like normal people and they have ups and downs.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo

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