Are Jenny and Sumit still together after 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singg
Jenny and Sumit shocked viewers with their story when it was revealed that he is married. Pic credit: TLC

Jenny and Sumit quickly became 90 Day Fiance fan favorites when they debuted on the first season of The Other Way on TLC.

What started out as a catfish situation quickly turned to love after Sumit came clean about his real identity to California native Jenny Slatten, who was quick to forgive.

After two years of chatting online, Jenny went to India to meet Sumit in person and she met the rest of his family too. And while it’s been said that Sumit’s parents liked Jenny, they didn’t approve of her as a wife for their son because of their age difference.

After all, Jenny is 60 years old and Sumit is just half her age at 30 years old.

So Jenny and Sumit did the next best thing. She moved to India and Sumit lied to his family, telling them he had to move to another city in order to work a different job.

Instead, Jenny and Sumit were living it up in Mumbai, as happy as a May-December couple could possibly be.

Then, Sumit shocked the world when he admitted he was married to another person. Jenny learned about Sumit’s wife first after his father-in-law followed him back to their apartment and confronted Sumit.

It was then that Sumit and his father-in-law returned to the apartment where he introduced himself to Jenny and told her that Sumit was married to his daughter.

Things went from bad to worse when the whole family, including Sumit’s wife, showed up to the apartment to confront them both and take him away. At that point, 90 Day Fiance fans thought they were over for good but that wasn’t the end.

Instead, Sumit was adamant that he did not want to remain in his marriage, even if it meant going to jail. He wanted to be with Jenny and he didn’t care who knew it.

The problem with that is that Jenny’s time was running out in India and unless she and Sumit were married, she’d have to go back. And he can’t marry them both.

So Jenny Slatten returned to the U.S. to live with her daughter because she had given up her own apartment and belongings overseas and we waited to see what was next when the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Couples Tell All rolled around.

At first, it was looking dicey for Jenny and Sumit when he didn’t show up on the video screen for the first part of the Tell All. He was there for the second episode though and Jenny looked relieved.

From a hotel room, Sumit said that his family knew he was talking to Jenny and that he was separated from his wife. He confirmed that the family did file charges against him and that he still wants to be with Jenny.

As for her, Jenny wants to be with Sumit still too and she’s even willing to go back to India to do that. She let viewers know that she’d be heading back soon to reunite with Sumit.

So yes, Jenny and Sumit are still together though her recent social media activity suggests that she’s still staying in California at this time.

There have also been reports that The Other Way viewers will be receiving more updates on this couple as they are said to already have been pegged for Season 2 of the show.

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