Anny Francisco confirms return to TV for her and Robert Springs in 2021

Anny and Robert return back to the 90 Day franchise. Pic credit: TLC

One of fans’ favorite pillow-talking couples is back for more TLC content. Anny Francisco revealed that she and her husband Robert Springs will be returning to television screens.

In season 7 of 90 Day Fiance, Robert famously proposed to Anny in the Dominican Republic after only knowing her a couple of hours.

Fast forward a couple of months later when Anny is finally in the states and is forced to go head to head with Robert’s son’s adult film star grandma.

All in all, things eventually worked out for the new couple and in April, Anny announced she was pregnant with a little princess.

The couple recently welcomed their first child together

Although Robert has 5 other children, July 2020 brought his first child with Anny.

Going with the B themed names after his first son Bryson, Brenda Aaliyah made her debut to the family on July 28.

Although Anny faced fertility issues in her previous marriage, she calls baby Brenda “a gift from God.”

The new parents faced a lot of backlash for choosing not to show Brenda’s face on social media.

Already receiving a lot of negative messages, she cleared up that the new infant has no birth defects or deformities, she simply isn’t ready to share her with the world.

Anny went as far as speaking out, saying, “I’m not interested for attention neither for money. As a mother my job is to protect her as much I can.”

Will Anny and Robert be returning to 90 Day Fiance?

Going on a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan asked “Will we be seeing more of you and Robert on tv in 2021?”

Anny reveals that she and Robert will be returning to television. Pic credit: @anny_dr02

Anny replies with an immediate ‘YES’. Anny and Robert have made their way through a lot of TLC spin-offs, starting on 90 Day Fiance they ventured into Pillow Talk, What Now? and Self-Quarantined.

In an effort to get more information about exactly when – a  viewer asks in Anny’s native language of Spanish when can they expect more episodes on TLC.

Pic credit: @anny_dr02

She replied, “Enero” which means January in English.

The new Discovery+ streaming service is set to premiere on January 4th and it’s clear you’ll definitely be seeing this couple.

From the new show 90 Day Bares All to more Pillow Talk, are you looking forward to seeing Robert and Anny back on your screens?

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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