Anna Kurdys called out for fake tears after Carsten ‘Bergie’ Bergersen self-eliminated

Anna Love Island
Love Island USA Season 5 features Anna Kurdys as one of the cast members. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA featured an elimination during its first episode, but some fans aren’t buying the tears that were shed.

Host Sarah Hyland welcomed the 10 new contestants looking for love and immediately shook things up.

The five women were brought out first and told they were playing Stick or Twist.

As each guy was brought out, the women could stick with their first choice or twist and go to the next man who came out.

Anna Kurdys had her eyes on Leonardo Dionicio from the start, and she stuck with him as all the guys came out.

Because Kassy Castillo also chose Leo, he got to pick which woman he wanted to pair up with. He went with Kassy, leaving Anna with the last available person: Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen.

Some fans don’t buy Anna’s crying

At the end of the first episode, the couple had to vote for the least-compatible couple. The overwhelming choice was Anna and Bergie, who didn’t have enough chemistry together.

Sarah then told everyone that Anna or Bergie would be leaving the villa, but the couple would get to choose who left. Bergie volunteered to go, and Anna reacted in a way that some viewers questioned.

“Anna please with these fake tears! #LoveIslandUSA,” wrote one viewer.

Anna Fake Tears 1
A Love Island fan doesn’t buy Anna’s tears. Pic credit: @mermizzle/Twitter

“Anna so fake it’s crazy. Them fake tears sending me. Combined with the missing nail. #LoveIslandUSA,” wrote another fan after the episode.

Anna Fake Tears 2 Love Island
Another Love Island fan thought Anna was a bit fake. Pic credit: @heyitskmatt/Twitter

Some fans felt like Anna wasn’t being authentic when she acted shocked that Bergie was opting out. Sarah had given the couple time to discuss their decision, so Anna likely knew what he would do at the ceremony.

One Love Island fan used a clip from another reality show to express why she didn’t see any tears from Anna.

Anna moving on, and Bergie is not done?

Even though Bergie self-eliminated, he’s not done on Love Island USA.

The next episode could also include a bit of drama, as Anna has expressed interest in another guy at the villa.

After trying to pair up with Leo to begin the season, she pulled him aside at the villa a bit later to discuss the future.

She told Leo he was her type and asked him if he was open to getting to know her more. And this was before Bergie got eliminated.

Since Leo has already paired up with Kassy Castillo, the drama could hit soon.

Love Island USA streams Thursdays through Tuesdays at 9/8c on PEACOCK.

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