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Anna Grace on The Voice: Everything we know about the singer who got a four-chair turn

All of The Voice's judges adored Anna Grace's audition
All of The Voice’s judges adored Anna Grace’s audition. Pic credit: NBC

On The Voice, 20-year-old singer Anna Grace wowed the judges with her blind audition and managed to get that elusive four-chair turn.

Each of this season’s judges- John Legend, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, and Kelly Clarkson- adored Grace’s haunting rendition of Billie Eilish’s “my future.” Anna is the first person from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to achieve the four-chair turn!

So audiences are asking, who is Anna Grace, and what makes her special? Well, from her amazing voice to her sweet personality to her inspiring backstory, the world has fallen in love with Anna.

Anna Grace’s blind audition impressed The Voice panel

Before Anna even had the chance to get to the chorus, Nick, Kelly, and John all smashed their buttons once they heard her incredible runs and smooth tone. Eventually, Blake heard what he needed and decided to turn around for Grace as well.

When it came time for Grace to hear the judges’ pitches, all of them fought hard for Anna to be on their team for Season 20.

“I love all the nuance that you showed,” coach Legend noted. “And you made such cool choices musically. It was really really beautiful.”

Kelly and Anna bonded over how music is therapeutic to them. Clarkson was the first to admit that Anna had some things she needed to work on her technique and breath support.

But, “Even with the shaky parts, it was so intimate and believable,” Clarkson commented.

Since Anna is so young, it would be easy for any of the judges to give her the vocal coaching she needs to succeed in the competition.

Blake’s argument was along these lines, saying “I do think you’re somebody that really has to be protected on a show like this, and not let too many outside influences distract you from the path that you want to be on.”

Nick Jonas was so desperate to have Anna on his team that he created faux-memes to jokingly disparage the other judges.

Nick Jonas presenting the meme he created of fellow coach John Legend
Nick Jonas presenting the meme he created of fellow coach John Legend. Pic credit: NBC

With all four judges vying for her talent, this was certainly a difficult decision for Grace to make.

Choosing the right judge for you can make the whole difference; season 19‘s winner Carter Rubin expressed how choosing Gwen as his coach helped him in the competition. Last season’s judges also had some awesome mentors, so Anna had to also keep that in mind.

Clarkson, Legend, and Jonas telling Anna "I WANT YOU!"
Clarkson, Legend, and Jonas telling Anna “I WANT YOU!” Pic credit: NBC

Who is Anna Grace?

Anna Grace is most known for her singing covers on her TikTok account, which has garnered over 117,000 followers and 2.7 million likes. During an Instagram Q&A, Anna revealed that her biggest inspirations are The Voice season 14’s winner Brynn Cartelli, Christian singer Lauren Daigle, and Billie Eilish.

It is obvious from Anna’s passion that singing is dear to her heart. “My life wouldn’t be anything without [music], so it’s super important to me, and it’s gotten me through some really hard times,” Grace confided after her audition.

In 2017, Grace’s body went into septic shock. After this, her life was changed forever. She has struggled with the illness and its effects ever since. In total, she went through sepsis six separate times.

Grace posted about her health journey on her Instagram ( “if that had never happened to me, i wouldn’t be where i am. I wouldn’t be singing. i wouldn’t be at church, and i wouldn’t be me. i hate what happened to me but i’m grateful for every single thing. it has shaped my life into something i could never have imagined.”

Religion is also important to Anna; she often posts Bible passages on her social media. Most of her performing experience comes from singing at her church.

Anna impressing the judges.
Anna impressing the judges. Pic credit: NBC

Grace’s journey has brought her to The Voice’s stage, and the judges were practically begging for her to be on their team.

“Any of us would be lucky to coach you,” Legend cheered.

Ultimately, Anna Grace chose to join Team Kelly, giving Kelly Clarkson’s The Voice team a big boost.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.