Anna Duggar shares ‘adorable’ photo of kids enjoying a fire in Jana’s garden

Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Anna Duggar shared an updated photo of the four oldest children. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar popped on social media to share an adorable photo of her four oldest children sitting around a fire. 

The Duggar kids were spending time in Jana Duggar’s garden, enjoying a movie and a fire. They huddled around, posing for their mom to take the photo. 

Followers immediately jumped in to gush over how adorable Anna and Josh Duggar’s children are. They garner a lot of attention when they are shared because they are no longer a part of the reality TV world. 

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Josh and Anna’s kids are ‘adorable’

Currently, Josh and Anna Duggar have six children. The four oldest were featured in the photo shared on Instagram, with Maryella and Mason likely with their mom as they need more supervision. 

Right now, they have three boys and three girls. There is speculation that Anna may be pregnant with her seventh child after Jana shared a video from the Vintage Market days in Arkansas. 

Seeing the four oldest children on Instagram brought out the compliments. One fan said, “Oh my, how adorable are they? Answer: very.”

Another chimed in with, “Aw they look like they had fun!! You have such a sweet family [heart emoji]”

Comments from Anna's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Mackynzie and Meredith have been the stars of the family for Anna and Josh. She shared plenty of photos of the girls’ hair in braids last year that had followers begging for tutorials. 

Michael and Marcus are also a lot of fun for the family. Anna has revealed on several occasions that her boys are funny. Their expressions confirm that. 

What has Anna Duggar been up to?

Now that Anna Duggar is no longer a part of reality TV, she and Josh lead relatively quiet lives on the Duggar family property. They have been close to Jim Bob and Michelle since his scandals broke nearly six years ago. 

Anna was included in the photo Claire Spivey shared with all of her sisters-in-law from her wedding. She and Josh have attended both weddings this year. Things appear to be better within the sibling group, especially after the family marketed their pain and spun off the new show focusing on the adult children. 

While Anna Duggar has yet to comment on if she is expecting her seventh child, followers believe that it is a possibility. With the growing privacy some of the Duggar family members have adopted, it wouldn’t be surprising if they kept things quiet until the baby was born. 

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