Anna Duggar reveals Miles was a possible name choice, sparks speculation about more children

Anna Duggar in a confessional.
Anna Duggar reveals a name choice she discussed with Josh Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar already has six children, but more is expected from the former reality star and her husband, Josh Duggar.

On Instagram, she shared a post celebrating Maryella Duggar hitting her three-month milestone. In the comments, Anna Duggar revealed she and Josh Duggar discussed the name Miles while they were pregnant with Mason.

Will Anna and Josh have more children?

The couple has talked about their view on more children, and they are in line with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar when it comes to the subject of growing their family. Currently, they have six children with three boys and three girls.

Given the comment Anna Duggar made about the name Miles, there is speculation that she and Josh Duggar will likely have more children. They have the M-name thing going just like Jim Bob and Michelle had all J-names.

Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and Maryellla make up the Duggar children.

They are on par with having a baby almost every two years since tying the knot. Anna Duggar married Josh Duggar in September 2008. If they continue the tradition, their next child will be born in 2021.

Anna Duggar comments about the name Miles on Instagram.
Anna Duggar revealed she and Josh Duggar considered the name Miles. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Anna Duggar is turning into the next Michelle Duggar

There has been a lot of talk about Anna Duggar lately. She is doing everything the way Michelle Duggar does, and it is being noticed. From the multiple children to homeschooling, Anna tried her hardest to make it look picture-perfect.

She has been through a lot with Josh Duggar. Anna Duggar met Josh in 2006, and the couple became engaged on her 20th birthday. Since then, things have changed.

In May 2015, their lives were turned upside down. Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal from when he was a teen was made public, and from there, it all went downhill.

The network canceled 19 Kids and Counting, and it turned out Josh was part of the Ashley Madison scandal as well. He was a member of the pro-affair website and had met some women from there while he lived and worked in DC.

With the help of Michelle Duggar, Anna Duggar stood by her husband. She was pregnant with Meredith when it was blown open, and since then, there have been two more children born.

Her in-laws have coached her and supported her in Josh’s absence, which is likely some of the reasons she is mimicking Michelle’s ways.

Whether Anna Duggar will fall pregnant quickly remains to be seen, but if she does and it is a boy, Miles is on the table for a name.

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