Anna Duggar brings Maryella along on date night with Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar have date nights once a week. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar revealed that she and Josh Duggar have date nights once a week. She shared a photo of herself all done up and holding Maryella as they were getting ready to go.

Seeing Anna Duggar gush about dates with her husband is awkward. After the ups-and-downs the two have faced in the public eye, things have finally turned around.

Anna has been posting more and more to social media in recent months.

Why does Anna Duggar bring Maryella on the dates with Josh Duggar?

After sharing her photo and posting about date night, Anna Duggar was asked why she brings the baby. The commenter assumed it was because she breastfeeds, and the former reality star confirmed the suspicion.

In her response, Anna Duggar revealed that until the baby is weaned or eating solid foods, she will take them out on dates with her and Josh Duggar.

The other five children were with a sitter (likely at the Duggar compound with family), and Maryella was tagging along for the ride.

Another time Anna Duggar shared a date night photo, she and Josh Duggar were out with his parents.

She took the time to gush over how wonderful Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are and how much she appreciates their guidance. Anna stayed with them while Josh was getting help following the Ashley Madison scandal in 2015.

Anna Duggar responds on Instagram after being asked a question.
Anna Duggar reveals why Maryella goes on dates with her. Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Does Anna Duggar pass her babies off for the older kids to watch?

There has been some speculation that Anna Duggar uses Mackynzie as a babysitter where Maryella is concerned.

She got backlash after sharing a photo of her oldest daughter holding the baby and the middle daughter hanging on to her leg. It was posted to show the kids having fun, and it backfired in a big way.

Mackynzie is often seen with the younger Duggar daughters and was even with them when they headed to the hospital when Abbie Grace Burnett was in labor.

Anna Duggar hasn’t commented on where they are living, but it is likely very close to the Duggar compound.

It doesn’t matter what Anna Duggar shares on social media; there will always be someone who finds something wrong with it.

Bringing Maryella along for her date night with Josh Duggar isn’t out of the norm, especially for a breastfeeding mom. The two have done this several times and will likely continue it for the next several months.

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