Angry Kailyn Lowry fumes after ‘narcissist’ Chris Lopez cuts Lux Russell’s hair

Kailyn on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV
Kailyn on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Another day, another fight for Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Chris is the father of Kailyn’s youngest two children, three-year-old Lux and one-month-old Creed.

The couple has had a rocky relationship for years. They fought throughout Kailyn’s pregnancy with Lux nearly four years ago, and, despite conceiving a second child, it seems they haven’t stopped since.

Most recently, Chris sparked Kailyn’s ire by cutting Lux’s hair without her permission.

Lux’s haircut is pretty terrible

Lux’s long hair was cut unevenly, presumably by Chris himself or someone close to him. It clearly wasn’t a professional job – poor Lux’s hair is completely uneven and seems to have been cut with a pair of household scissors.

“Parenting with a narcissist be like,” Kail captioned a before and after photo of Lux’s hair.

The before and after photos of Lux's hair. Pic credit: @kaillowry / Instagram
The before and after photos of Lux’s hair. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kailyn was so angry with Chris’ move that she took to Instagram Live to vent her feelings.

“You could f**k with me all you want,” she said. “You can choke me, you can put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me. Do whatever you want, right? But the second you do something to my child, I’m gonna come out of character because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”

Chris responded to Kail with an Instagram Live of his own.

“I’ll be real with y’all. I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair, so the fact that I cut off a little bit of his edges, she should be happy I didn’t f**king scalp his ass, alright?” he stated.

“That’s my son, so if I decide to make a decision on my son or anybody, I can. I can,” he continued. “But some people should learn how to keep they mouth shut before I start running my mouth and it’s not gon’ turn out well if I start running my mouth about the s**t that they do that they fail to tell people. I got too much love to start engaging in this bullsh**t for people. But they’re really testing my patience.”

This episode is just the latest in a series of fights

Chris and Kailyn fight often, and they seem to enjoy airing out their dirty laundry for all to see. Last month, Kail took to Instagram to throw shade at Chris, who didn’t respond at the time.

More recently, Kailyn confessed that she even considered having an abortion when she found out she was expecting a second child with Chris.

The stress of the relationship has clearly taken its toll on Kailyn. Hopefully, she and Chris will be able to get it together for their children.

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