Angelina Pivarnick responds to Jersey Shore cast diss at Mike Sorrentino’s birthday party

Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina isn’t amused after the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast made fun of her again. Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick has responded to Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s apparent diss at his recent 38th birthday party celebrations.

Mike, along with his wife and most of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, had a birthday dinner. While there, Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, and Deena Cortese roasted him as part of a birthday speech.

When the girls wrapped it up, Mike leaned over to his wife Lauren Pesce and joked, “Should we go outside and flip out?”

It was some major shade thrown at Angelina as it referenced her storming off during her wedding reception after a similar speech was made by the Jersey Shore gals.

Social media drama between Angelina Pivarnick and her Jersey Shore castmates

As usual, the drama made its way to social media, where Angelina retweeted supportive comments and responded to Mike’s joke herself. She first tweeted out, “Here we go again. I haven’t been on twitter in weeks and I kept my mouth shut but now they wanna keep going. I don’t get this !!! And they say I’m dramatic the irony.”

Angelina Pivarnick tweet
Angelina Pivarnick tweeted her response to Mike Sorrentino after he dissed her Pic credit: @angelinamtvjs/Twitter

Later on, a follower wrote, “They’re blaming you for the fact that THEY embarrassed you on your wedding day but you were respectful and respected deena’s sons baptism. They’re just making excuses for what they did to you, like they always do. And yeah! Angelina has gotten hate FOR YEARS!!”

Angelina retweeted the post and responded, writing, “Yes !!!!! She said no drama at her babies baptism !!! I respected her and didn’t do anything then I ask her to be a bridesmaid ( mtv and 495 didn’t tell me to do that I wanted to do that on my own ) and they come to my wedding and did what they did. Excuses excuses.”

The Jersey Shore girls roasted Angelina Pivarnick on her wedding day

The Jersey Shore girls were bridesmaids at Angelina’s wedding which was later shown on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and they gave a speech that included some cruel (or funny, depending on who’s side you’re on) jokes that left other wedding guests shocked and booing.

Fans of Angelina Pivarnick were quick to speak out against Jenni, Nicole, and Deena, and apparently they even received death threats.

On July 7, Deena tweeted, “for months of myself..Jenni and Nicole were getting threats and her knowing how bad it was for us she continued to play the victim and make us look terrible to people .. and after seeing the episode and seeing her true colors .. I can care less if I ever see her again in my life.”

Angelina responded, “I’ve been getting death threats since 2009 And I still get them to this day. I can’t control what people write to you or what they write to me. You are always going to have trolls commenting and saying stupid s**t. Don’t blame for other people’s actions.”

Angelina Pivarnick response to Deena Cortese
Angelina Pivarnick responded to Deena Cortese on Twitter over wedding drama Pic credit: Angelina Pivarnick/Twitter

There is still drama among the Jersey Shore girls

Clearly, things have still not been smoothed over between the Jersey Shore girls, and Mike’s joke at his recent birthday dinner only served to make things even worse.

Nicole has confirmed she won’t be returning for the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation due to all the drama that went down at Angelina’s wedding, and it’s rumored that Jenni won’t be either.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino, Pauly DelVecchio, and Angelina Pivarnick have all confirmed they will be returning.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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