Angelina Pivarnick bonds with Lauren Sorrentino as she opens up about her sexual harassment incident

Angelina Pivarnick and Lauren Sorrentino sit down to dinner during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation
Angelina Pivarnick and Lauren Sorrentino sit down to dinner during an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Pic credit: MTV

Angelina Pivarnick has been in turmoil with the women of the cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation ever since the infamous speech given at her wedding last year.

Recent episodes have shown the boys as they prepared Angelina to sit down with Deena Cortese and hash things out. In the meantime, they did their best to keep the girls separated at their Las Vegas resort and had to divide their time up between them.

During last week’s episode, the boys had dinner with Deena to further convince her that it was a good idea to talk to Angelina. While the boys had dinner with Deena, they asked Mike Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren to go to dinner with Angelina.

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Lauren and Angelina have a bit of a rocky past. Angelina made an inappropriate comment at Lauren’s wedding dress fitting and turned the happy moment into a sad one when Angelina reminded Lauren that Mike would go to prison shortly after the wedding.

Before their Las Vegas trip, Lauren reminded Angelina that sometimes her comments hurt people and defended the other girls for being upset with her following the wedding drama.

Despite their differences, during the most recent episode, Angelina opened up to Lauren and showed her vulnerable side–a side of Angelina that viewers rarely get to see.

Angelina’s sexual harassment incident

Angelina opened up to Lauren about how the pandemic has caused her to be slightly depressed. She mentioned she had been struggling with a sexual harassment incident that happened to her while she worked as an EMT for the city of New York.

She reported that one of her supervisors and another boss made physical and verbal advances at her even though she asked them to stop several times. She said that one of them even went so far as to touch her inappropriately.

Lauren was surprised to see that side of Angelina but appreciated it and said it helped her to understand her. Angelina explained that her sexual harassment case, which was settled in September, was going on amid the drama she had with the girls following the wedding backlash.

Angelina hopes to open up more often

While the episode aired, Angelina took to Twitter to share that the dinner with Lauren was meaningful to her and it felt good to be so open.

She said, “Having that dinner with [Lauren Sorrentino] really meant the world to me. I needed that.”

Angelina Pivarnick says her dinner with Lauren Sorrentino meant the world to her in a Twitter post
Angelina says her dinner with Lauren meant the world to her Pic credit:@angelinamtvjs/Twitter

A fan thanked Angelina for opening up and sharing her story.

Angelina replied, “It was hard but I think I’m going to be more open to opening up from now on.”

Angelina Pivarnick responds to a fan on Twitter
Angelina responded to a fan and said she would like to open up more often Pic credit:@angelinamtvjs/Twitter

It looks like Angelina and Lauren are in a good place after their bonding moment, but Angelina still has yet to make amends with Deena or Jenni Farley. In previews of what’s still to come this season, Jenni is due to arrive in Vegas and join the rest of the cast.

If Angelina shows her vulnerability to the girls, it’s possible it could be enough to finally put an end to all of the drama.

Fans will have to tune in to Jersey Shore Family Vacation to see what happens next.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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