Angela Deem supporters and critics are wondering if she and Michael will ever have a baby

Angela and Michael
Fans wonder if Angela and Michael will ever have a baby Pic credit: TLC

On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Angela Deem was in L.A. preparing to get weight loss and cosmetic surgery.

Michael Ilesanmi has expressed his unhappiness with the surgeries as he doesn’t think she needs them. Instead, he wants her to focus on having a baby with him, which has been his dream.

After Angela explained that she’s doing it mostly for her health, he was more onboard. He grew skeptical, however, after she planted seeds of jealousy in his head by saying that men would hit on her after the surgeries.

Angela’s behavior has been perceived as selfish as some critics thought she should be focusing on fulfilling her promise to Michael of having a baby before she gets any older. Others have felt that she deserves to focus on herself and absolutely should not have another baby.

Should Angela have the surgeries or work on a baby?

Some critics feel like Angela made a selfish decision to get her surgeries and that she should have tried to have a baby with Michael instead.

Angela has known how badly Michael wants a child but has chosen to put it aside for now.

Angela has said that having a baby with Michael after she is healthier is not out of the question, but that she wants to put any baby plans on hold until Michael is in America. Michael was confused about Angela’s decision to put the baby on the back burner and make surgeries a priority instead.

One school of thought on Angela’s situation is that Michael’s family should have researched women’s reproductive health after 50 before giving their blessings on a marriage that would most likely not end with any children.

The people who think this way are putting Angela’s inability to have children on Michael because they think he should have realized this fact before getting married.

The same group of Angela’s supporters also think that she is doing the right thing by not having a baby and getting these surgeries for herself because she has already had children and takes care of her grandchildren.

The other argument is that if Angela was not planning on having a baby with Michael she should do him a favor and let him have one with someone else, or at least not lead Michael on and rub the idea of being with other men in his face.

What does the future hold for Michael and Angela?

Michael and Angela are waiting to hear about the results of their spousal visa application and have been apart for almost a year since getting married.

Angela has been busy taking care of her grandkids and beginning her weight loss and cosmetic journey against Michael’s wishes.

If Michael can come to terms with the new Angela, and if she can give him a child, then their relationship could have potential.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
3 years ago

The last thing any child needs is this couple for parents. It was reported her daughter was charged and jailed on sexual assault of a minor.