Angela Deem has advice for 90 Day Fiance couples trying to overcome cultural differences

Angela Deems gives advice to persons dating outside their culture
Angela Deem says research is important when dating outside of your culture. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? alum Angela Deem is doling out advice to people who are dating outside of their culture.

The 54-year-old and her fiance Michael Ilesanmi are featured on the current season of the popular TLC show.

Angela is from the US and Michael is from Nigeria. The two have faced many challenges due to their different cultures, and those obstacles are a huge source of drama on the show.

After being together long-distance for a few years, Michael and Angela decided to marry. But when Michael’s K1 visa was denied, Angela decided to head to Nigeria to marry Michael there so that they could apply for a spousal visa.

Angela shares her advice

During a recent interview with Fox News Live, Angela dished about the challenges of dating someone from another country.

“I mean, like, he doesn’t understand some of my cultures. And when [a relationship] is far apart like this, it’s very hard. But me and Michael, we just don’t give up. We’re very blessed,” she said.

Angela discussed the difficulties that cultural differences can present to a couple and advised people in similar situations to do adequate research beforehand.

“Do some research on your partner,” she said.

Angela also explained how trying it can be to deal with cultural differences in a relationship. “You know, if he’s from another country, or she, because if me and Michael really truly didn’t love each other we probably wouldn’t be together right now because of the fact only love can keep you together when you don’t understand each other.”

One of the challenges that Angela has dealt with is the strong expectation for Nigerian couples to immediately have children after marriage. Because of Angela’s age, it’s unlikely that she would be able to carry a pregnancy, which has caused trouble for her relationship with Michael. Michael has even floated the idea of taking a second wife in order to have children.

Deem says things get more comfortable with time

Since Michael has been unable to visit Angela in America, she has had to make quite a few trips to Nigeria to visit him.

The 90 Day Fiance alum discussed her travels in the interview, saying that while it wasn’t easy at first, but it got more comfortable as time went by.

“So the first time, you know, [it’s] not comfortable, second time’s getting comfortable. And then by the time I do my third or [fourth] trip there… I’m comfortable.”

She further explained, “I’m not comfortable with, I guess, from the way that they have to live by no means, but I feel like it’s already my family.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Brenda White
Brenda White
2 years ago

Michael just wants to get to trump’s America, and Angela is desperate for a younger Black man she thinks she can own. If he does ever get to America which I doubt, after he gets his green card and whatever he needs, he will not be her babysitter and like another guy he will be long gone. Michael has gotten fat and totally unattractive. He has no money and right now Angela’s foul mouth and disrespect of everyone is embarrassing as an American and I am so happy that she isn’t a Black woman and it’s obvious she is not a Lady. She is trashy and needs to stop wearing cigarettes and everything in her breast. That is what purses are for.