Andy Cohen teases Below Deck Med reunion, wants fan questions for Season 6 crew

Andy Cohen wants Below Deck Mediterranean viewers to send in questions for Season 6 crew.
The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion will film very soon. Pic credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen has teased the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion and wants fan questions for the Season 6 crew.

Only three episodes are left to air in Below Deck Med Season 6. The hit-yachting show has been filled with a slew of crew drama, especially involving chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson.

Captain Sandy Yawn finally fired Lexi ahead of the last two charters of the season. Lexi maintains she keeps getting a bad edit by producers.

It hasn’t been all drama, though. The deck crew consisting of bosun Malia White, Lloyd Spencer, Zee Dempers, and David Pascoe have brought the humor. Although previews show, the deck team is starting to cause some trouble on the job.

Andy Cohen teases Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show

The end of the season means Below Deck Mediterranean viewers are gearing up for the Season 6 reunion show. Thanks to a social media message from Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, there is a little more info on the virtual event.

“Calling all Below Deck Med fans! If there were a reunion, what would you want to ask Captain Sandy, Katie, Malia, Chef Mathew, Lexi, Courtney, Delaney, David, Mzi, and Lloyd? Post your Qs for them NOW!” the WWHL Facebook page posted.

Yes, Andy wants Below Deck Med fan questions for Season 6 crew. However, don’t bother sending questions to Lexi. She said she won’t be attending the show.

When will the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion show air?

Since Andy is asking for questions, that means the reunion show will film any day now. In the past, all reunion shows in the Below Deck family have been filmed three weeks to a month before it hits the airwaves.

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 finale is Monday, October 11 at 9/8c on Bravo. Those who have access to Peacock can watch it a week early, beginning Monday, October 4.

Based on the finale date, the Below Deck Med reunion show will likely air on Monday, October 18. If it’s a two-part reunion, which based on the season it should be, the second part could air on Tuesday, October 19.

There is a chance Bravo would hold the second part until Monday, October 25, leading into the Below Deck Season 9 premiere.

The Lady Michelle crew is coming together for a Season 6 reunion show. There is certainly a lot to unpack from the season. Other than Lexi, the rest of the crew will be in attendance.

Even Delaney Evans is expected to pop by for a little bit to elaborate on her stint on the show. Delaney has said it wasn’t the greatest experience, and the crew wasn’t welcoming.

Are you ready for Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Barbara Aucoin
Barbara Aucoin
2 years ago

Wasn’t Sandy informed early on that Lexi was a complainer and a layabout with the worst racist, misogynist comments I’ve ever heard. Wishing Matt had been aborted, her literally sleeping on the job, pointing her fingers in people’s faces, total disrespect for her crewmates, etc., etc. From the beginning of her being so obnoxious, I knew she was jealous and angry that she wasn’t born white.

Tammy Barnes
Tammy Barnes
2 years ago

I would have loved to ask them to play what if. What any of them think if it were a man that acted like Lexi if a man rubbed his junk in a girls face or shoved a girl all of the things Lexi did during hot tub night