Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn claps back at trolls over Lexi Wilson criticism

Captain Sandy Yawn slams haters over Lexi Wilson Below Deck Med drama.
Captain Sandy is fighting back against the haters who attacked her for keeping Lexi on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn has clapped back at trolls over Lexi Wilson criticism.

The captain is no stranger to enduring outrage from Below Deck Med viewers. Captain Sandy has come under fire for being a micromanager who doesn’t listen to her crew like Captain Lee Rosbach, and Captain Glenn Shephard do.

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean has been no exception for the captain. Thanks to Lexi not being fired immediately after her drunken hot-tub and crew mess rage, Captain Sandy faces the trolls once again.

A good portion of Below Deck Med fans believes that the captain didn’t listen to chief stew Katie Flood. There is anger toward Captain Sandy for allowing Lexi to stay after she pushed her boobs in Lloyd Spencer’s face.

The captain has had it with the haters and is speaking her truth to combat all the backlash.

Captain Sandy Yawn claps back at trolls over Lexi Wilson criticism

Less than a handful of episodes remain in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. Captain Sandy is using that time to shut down the haters and tell her side of the story.

One Twitter user blasted the captain for standing by while Lloyd suffered PTSD because of Lexi’s actions.

“No, the whole story was not brought to my attention,” Captain Sandy tweeted.

Captain Sandy shuts down trolls.
Pic credit: @@CaptSandyYawn/Twitter

It wasn’t the end of the accusations that the captain knew what Lexi did and kept her around. Another Twitter users called Captain Sandy the worst leader ever, prompting her to reply.

“I can only respond to what I see. I also wasn’t told the whole story about the hot tub night. Of course things would have been different,” she replied.

Captain Sandy shares her side of story.
Pic credit: @CaptSandyYawn/Twitter

Captain Sandy blasts social media hate

The social media world isn’t only filled with Captain Sandy haters. There are several people out there who not only support the captain but are over the meanness.

A Twitter user showed compassion for Captain Sandy over all the hurtful things being hurled at her. The captain replied, thanking the user, then commented on all the hate the crew gets each season.

She also encouraged people to leave out the cruelty because it’s not funny. Captain Sandy ended her message by blasting the trolls to judge themselves before ripping apart someone they don’t know.

Yes, it looks like Captain Sandy Yawn has had enough of all the trolls coming at her for her actions on Below Deck Med.

Lexi Wilson has certainly brought the drama this season on and off-screen. The stew has slammed Bravo, her colleagues, and insisted she got a bad edit.

Stay tuned! There is a good chance Captain Sandy will discuss the hate and trolls at the Season 6 reunion. Lexi won’t address the haters there, though, because she is skipping it.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

So, Lexi has never been punished for her acts of sexual harassment, and hate crimes? Hey, Bravo, you might be culpable in this.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lorri

They should be.

Tatiana Roveda
Tatiana Roveda
2 years ago

Shame on Sandy Yawn! You actually allowed a foul- mouthed, dirty young woman to throw her breasts at men who now have been sexually abused. It doesn’t matter what extent the abuse was, but you allowed it- and I won’t miss YOU as a captain should be let go. Zero tolerance for you and for Lexi Wilson, who is really the worst person I have ever seen on this show. Bravo- please NEVER hire her back- she is foul in so many ways. Disgusting.

2 years ago

I have never seen any girl do that- none. But then again, Sandy Yawn is going to probably be a preacher next, the way she told her stews and other deck members to “invest” in these people- Don’t just let them go.. What the F? Your so preachy-Your in the wrong job. Or is it your girlfriend who has changed your mind? Let the bad people stay and pray we can fix them.. Besides being a really “S***” captain- your a cradle robber too.